(God Spirit) Ahsifa

God-Spirit of Earth and Wood


God-Spirit of Earth

Lawful Neutral
(Faithful must obey the laws of the forest, and keep the balance of nature. All else is permissible.)

These are the iconic images and ideals associated with this deity, and central to many of their faiths. Many of these are based on tradition, scriptures, and historical accounts.

The Keeper of Field and Forest (Benevolent / Wrathful) – Ahsifa is the Earth God, a powerful figure of nature and natural balance. Those who live in the wild most often keep the faith of Ahsifa, seeking her guidance in maintaining the balance of nature and the verdance of their lands. Those who do harm to the land can expect to meet with Ahsifa’s snarling displeasure.

The Wolf-Mother (Benevolent) – The patron of pregnancy and childbirth, the Wolfmother is said to watch over those who pray for strong, healthy children. It is said that of all the races of Whyr and Gruen those fostered by Ahsifa were the most pleasant to the eyes of the human race, since they are the race most inclined to sire many children. (This has also created something of an association between Ahsifa’s faith and sexual prowess in popular culture.)

The First Hunter (Wrathful) – Ahsifa shares a close association with her totemic image – the wolf. It is said that she was the first to hunt and kill, to eat the flesh of beasts to increase her strength and the prosperity of her children. She is the ideal embodiment of the predatory spirit: cunning, patient, and utterly merciless.

Stronghold: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Faith: The Wolfbloods, who have been given shape-shifting powers to fight the Vile.

Local Shrine: The Shrine to Good Harvest
Location: Halftown in the Temple District.
Faith: The Order of Ironbark (Minameith, Clerical)

Ahsifa keeps the Heart of the Old One.


(God Spirit) Ahsifa

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