Hallock Grindstone

Wassi Ambassador & general villain.


Hallock Grindstone

Residence / Location:
The Embassy District, Halftown

Nation of Origin:

Wassi Dwarf (M, Middle Aged.)
(Wassi Dwarves have interbred quite a lot with humans, making them generally thinner and leaner than their mountainous cousins.)

Keeps small private shrines to Shoryu and Lapatra in his residence.

- Hallock is the kind who thrives on bluster and bravado. He is the kind of man who will tell Tyndolion to his face that his town will always be “small time” because he thinks too small.
- Past events suggest (without any concrete proof, of course) that Hallock is not a very nice fellow. He has sent goons after the party on several occasions, at least once with orders to kidnap some and shut up the rest.

- Profit is easy to come by if one does not scruple in its gathering, and Hallock likes profit.
- Given the number of people Hallock keeps employed on various schemes and how well informed he seems to be about things going on in and around the province, one has to expect that his ability to wield his political influence is substantial.

Reason for coming to the Forgotten Continent:
- By accepting a post as an ambassador, Hallock has put himself in the position to make a mint if anything of significant magical or material value is uncovered near Halftown. Considering that his own nation holds the next nearest town, this is an enviable position for him to be in.

Associated NPCs
- Cyrillion – Hired as one of his personal guards.


Hallock Grindstone

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