(Missing) Baern Auchtenfell

Nostenbracht Demon-Hunter. Currently MIA



The Dark Hand
The Nostenbracht
The Splinter Group

Residence / Location:
The Nostenbracht Embassy in Halftown

Nation of Origin:

Mountain Dwarf


- Nostenbracht Vile Hunter
- Scholar of Vile Lore

- Gruff, candid, but ultimately good-hearted.
- Takes his duty seriously, but carries himself with a gallows sense of humour.
- Hates and distrusts the Vile in all it’s forms.

- Became Vile-Infected during his years as a scout in the dwarven homelands.
- Joined the Nostenbracht to help fight his Infection & help to destroy the Vile.
- Became affiliated with the Dark Hand through his work with the Nostenbracht.

Reason for coming to the Forgotten Continent:
- Was sent by the Dark Hand to serve as Halftown’s Vile expert.
- Was invited by Tyndolion Lanothar to join his splinter group.

Current Occupation:
- Looking after Pella and Duncan in the Halftown Quarantine.
- Researching and cataloguing the new Vile strains being discovered.


Adventure Notes:

Served as one of the four judges during the Adventurers Recruitment Tournament.

First Mission (The Hidden Lab)
- Sponsored this journey with the Prince.
- Diagnosed one of the Five Treasures as being Vile-touched.

Second Mission (The Fall of Candlebright)
- Took Pella into custody
- Diagnosed Duncan as being Vile-Touched.
- Revealed this he is also Vile-Touched.

Third Mission (The Journey to Oxalathiel)
- His rapport with the party suffered when he found out about the party’s stay in Oxalathiel.
- He did not approve of the party knowing about the Dark Hand, or the Splinter Group.

Fourth Mission (The Crypt of the Firebird)
- Baern had grown surly in recent weeks, possibly due to the issue of a possible alliance with Kelara and Oxalathiel.
- After the party returned, the scrolls from the Yrdrathiel Library were given to Baern in hopes that he could read them safely. Unfortunately, one of the scrolls clearly contained something drastic because a 20ft diameter sphere of his house (ostensibly including Baern himself) simply disappeared. His current state / location is unknown.

(Missing) Baern Auchtenfell

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