(Dark Hand) Cattiua Windgrace

Dark Hand Agent with a taste for trouble.



Residence / Location:
Currently staying at the Graystone Inn, Halftown

Nation of Origin:

Half-Elf, Female.


- Seems to have a real penchant for stirring up trouble.
- She is savvy in social circumstances, and has very little difficulty manipulating people into getting them to do things for her.
- She is a shameless flirt and an equally shameless opportunist.
- Seraphine has suggested that she has certain specific tastes in relationships that Seraphine doesn’t approve of. (It was indicated that she prefers younger partners.)
- Was Duncan’s music teacher once upon a time, but she claims that she left him behind because he was “too soft to survive in our line of work”.

- Has been serving as a Dark Hand agent for at least two decades, suggesting she probably has a variety of specialized skills at her disposal, though most of what the party has seen her do is drink, smoke, and flirt with people.
- She is a very attractive woman, though she tends to dress in somewhat more masculine fashion.

Reason for coming to the Forgotten Continent:
- Unknown, though apparently she has been operating here for some time.

Current Occupation:
Hanging around Halftown for the winter.

Associated NPCs
(DH) Tyndolion Lanothar
(DH) Master Seraphine


Adventure Notes:

- ???

First Mission (The Lost Shrine & The Hidden Vault)
- ???

Second Mission (The Fall of Candlebright)
- ???

Third Mission (The Journey to Oxalathiel)
- Arrived in Halftown following the party’s return from Oxalathiel.
- Shortly after, got a few drinks into Azriel and suggested she sneak into the hidden shrine to Lapatra, where Azriel walked in on a meeting between the Prince, Baern and Seraphine where they were arguing about outcomes of the the party’s choices in Oxalathiel.
- At the same time, she got Alawynnan to bring her to the House of Great Fortunes in search of Cinder, in whom Cattiua seems to have taken some kind of an interest.

(Dark Hand) Cattiua Windgrace

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