(The Crypt) Cinder

A Catfolk bard currently living with the Firebird



Halftown Adventuring Party

Residence / Location:
Adventurer’s HQ ( Halftown)

Nation of Origin:
A small farming village in Tourima

Whyr: Catfolk (Female)

(Currently living with the Firebloods.)

Former Profession
One of Halftown’s local musicians & entertainers.

Associated NPCs:
Lady Seraphine, her tutor and ‘adopted’ parent.


Fourth Mission (The Crypt of the Firebird)
- After becoming psychically connected to a larval bug believed to hail from Oxalathiel, Cinder became even more literally attached to it when “Blinky” ate one of Felix’s feather, which caused him to explode and badly injure Cinder. A few moments later, the exploded bug re-formed it’s shattered body to include elements of Felix and Cinder, becoming some kind of cat-bug-bird hybrid (that Felix labelled an Ifrit – a halfblood between a Fire Spirit and a Human.)

(The Crypt) Cinder

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