Cyrillion of Silverbrook

A sellsword seeking new challenges.



Residence / Location:
The Wasseldarn Embassy in Halftown

Nation of Origin:
The City of Silverbrook, Rashara

High Elf


- Silverbrook has a high elven population, suggesting he may have been raised in or around an Elven Court.
- His manner and overall skill suggest formal training, perhaps as a knight.
- He is honest and sincere, but also pragmatic. He seems to value what honour he has.
- He has proven willing to negotiate in past, though he has also proven that he will not be trifled with or taken for a fool.

- Cyril displayed great skill with the blade during the Adventurer Selection. He is some manner of swordsman, possibly a duelist.
- He carries an unusual single-edged elven blade.

Reason for coming to the Forgotten Continent:
- Seems to be seeking people to test his skills against.
- Seems to be looking for work.

Current Occupation:
- Hired into service by Hallock Grindstone, Halftown’s Ambassador from Wassledarn.


Adventure Notes:

- Attended the 25th Anniversary Festival and competed for a place on the original Adventurers team, but dropped out when he discovered that none of the test involved fighting the other competitors. Apparently the only reason he signed up was to fight skilled warriors.
- Was hired after the tournament by Hallock Grindstone, Ambassador of Wassledarn.

First Mission (The Lost Shrine & The Hidden Vault )
- He was ordered to follow the Party out to the Vault of Sovellis. His instructions were to shadow the Party and collect anything they didn’t bring back. Cyril was candid in explaining that he didn’t feel that Grindstone should be given anything dangerous, but that he was honour-bound to bring him anything the Party didn’t take. He showed disdain for his disreputable underlings, and took pains to keep them away from the Party once they were on the road with the Five Chests.

Second Mission (The Fall of Candlebright)
- ???

Third Mission (The Journey to Oxalathiel)
- Despite being attacked by forces that the party suspect are connected to Hallock Grindstone, Cyril was nowhere amongst them.

Cyrillion of Silverbrook

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