Z Duncan Greaves (Deceased)

The Late Lord Fortune


AKA Lord Fortune
Entertainer and Musician
Paladin to Lysandra of the Eldrichar

Residence / Location:
N/A (Deceased)

Nation of Origin:
Born in the city of Barge, on the Isle of Twilight

Formerly Human (Male, early twenties)
Died in an unknown state of Vilebloom.

Loosely Lapatran, though polite to all faiths.

- A boisterous braggart, who used his flash and bravado to hide his deep insecurities about himself and his place as an adventurer.
- An idealist and a romantic, Duncan longed to be the kind of hero you read about in stories, and to have monuments erected to his glory. This is probably what led him to encourage Lysandra to take him into her “service”.
- Duncan fancied himself a Proper Scoundrel, but in truth lacked a bit when it came to staying composed during violent conflicts – he vacillated wildly between being helpful, being terrified, and being somewhat chilling in his disregard for life and/or safety.

- Duncan was a veteran of many stages, and knows how to handle an audience.
- Duncan knew a variety of spells that are useful in a pinch, and he has never been shy about putting them to use.
- Duncan was not a worldly man by any stretch of the imagination (in spite of allusions to the contrary), and frequently got himself into trouble in social situations. (That said, he was also skilled in talking his way out of them, and occasionally skilling in talking people IN to other things.)
- Duncan’s Vilebloom had begun to have effects on his physiology. At very least it has made it possible for him to call out to his Patron via a psychic connection. He has also shown a remarkable resilience to electricity after his recent encounters with the Wolfbloods.

Reason for coming to the Forgotten Continent:
- Escaping persecution in Barge. (A long story he never told.)

Cause of Death:
Was burned to death by the Order of the Pure Flame while incarcerated in Halftown.


Z Duncan Greaves (Deceased)

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