(Eldrichar) The Rotting Prince

The Yalshanaduur, Lord of the Undead


The Yalshanaduur
(Lit) “The Rotting Prince” (dwarven)

Orsand, Prince of Kangdaar (Heir to the Throne of the Dwarven Empire)
The Yellow Prince
Lord of the Undead Legion
Prince of the Dreamers


Orsand of Kangdaar was sent by his father to attend the Eldrich Conclave in his name. History tells us that Orsand was a dutiful son, and a respected leader amongst his people during the age when he was alive.

History also tells us that shortly after the Sundering, Prince Orsund appeared at he gates to the Dwarven Capital in a state of terrible sickness. He was brought into the castle, which exposed everyone there to his curse – the very first strain of the Undead Plague.

Orsand himself became the leader of the Undead Legion (so named because of it’s vast number) which marauded across the Dwarven Homelands throughout the war, infecting and devouring many dwarven and human cities in their passing.

Current Events:
- Kelara told the party that Prince Orsand is in Alkulathiel, with his subjects.

- She also explained that in order to create effective soldiers, the Elder God sent people who offered to serve as soldiers into “an endless dream”, so their minds would not be burdened by the terrible price of warfare. Orsand was the first and most powerful of these “Dreamers”.

Tales of the Yalshanaduur

Excerpt from “The Warnings of Lapli”
“If you plan to cross the ancient dwarven lands, take care to give their fallen strongholds wide berth. The Undying dwell within these halls – folk with souls so twisted by the Vile that no spark of life remains. You will know them by their eyes – they are darkened, and stained as if weeping charcoal tears. They are absent all trappings of life and spirit, and they know only the bringing of death to the holy and the pure.

Their numbers is their greatest strength, for they will not move swiftly unless directed by their masters. None the less their tactics are as implacable as the tide – the need not food nor water. They do not breath, and so they are never out of breath. They do not tire, even in the face of mortal wounds; indeed, few wounds are mortal to such demons. The scent of blood drives them into a strange frenzy, where they will bite at enemies, ripping chunks of flesh from their victims but not bothering to kill them.

Only two things kill their damned kind – flame, or the destruction of the head. Even in death it seems the head is needed to bind these wrenches to their curse. Beware most of all their blood – black and pusslike, when dried it forms into a powder like soot. A fate worse than death awaits for any who let this soot touch a wound. The deathlike trance of corruption spreads itself this way, as it does in bites from the Undying themselves."


(Eldrichar) The Rotting Prince

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