(Spirit) The Leviathan

An Elemental Terror from the Deep.



The Leviathans in Ancient Times
Legends tell of six mighty sea creatures, forged by Natakra in his wrath, whose duty was to destroy the vile anywhere it tried to move upon the sea. They were beasts of unrivaled size and ferocity, who could crush entire ships with a single limb, and whose maw could swallow a rowboat whole.

The Leviathans patrolled the shores of the ancient world, serving as the first line of defense against the vile in their attempts to strike out from their strongholds in the elven homeland and make landing on foreign shores. They sank countless vessels, seeking out any that held, hid or harboured the vile and destroying them, leaving no chance that anyone exposed could survive to spread the contagion..

The Leviathans in Modern Times

What the Party learned from Lysandra:
- The Leviathans have grown old, and the Eldricharum have managed to kill a couple of them. Others have simply disappeared. This Leviathan may well be the last one. No other has been seen for a very long time. It is much slower and weaker than it once was.
- The Leviathans’ duty is to keep anything from coming or going from the Lost Continent. They have spent the past two-thousand years since the war ended trying to destroying every ship that has sailed near the Lost Continent, and have tried to destroy every port that anyone builds. This is why Candlebright was targetted, and why Halftown is also certain to be a target.
- Lysandra had suggested that it had intended to move from Candlebright to Halftown directly, destroying the city before moving south into warmer waters for the winter. Because the party was able to harm the Leviathan, it appeared to have reconsidered it’s strategy, and gone directly south to recover it’s strength and ready itself before returning to attack Halftown. It has learned that there are people in this region capable of resistance, and in the spirit of it’s patron it will certainly come ready for war.


(Spirit) The Leviathan

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