(God Spirit) Hanzoumon

God-Spirit of Light


God-Spirit of Light

True Neutral
(Faithful may be of any alignment, so long as they constantly strive for enlightenment and excellence.)

These are the iconic images and ideals associated with this deity, and central to many of their faiths. Many of these are based on tradition, scriptures, and historical accounts.

The Sun King (Benevolent) – One of the most vital parts of all Hanzite faiths is the desire of his followers to excel. Hanzoumon himself is said to have been intensely competitive, constantly striving to be exemplary in anything he applied himself to. It is no surprise that he took as his crest the brightest light in all the world – the sun itself.
The Purifier (Wrathful) – Though not universal amongst his faiths, this aspect is strongly revered in some lands, and is worshiped as the Patron Divinity of the entire Karkoan nation. Hanzoumon is the keeper of Holy Fire, which is anathema to all that is Vile and evil.

The Divine General (Benevolent) – Strategy and logistics are considered to be a part of Hanzoumon’s domain. Many carvings stand in the ancient halls of lords depicting winged messengers standing next to mighty leaders delivering sermons to the faithful and instructing them in tactics. It is said that during the war against the Vile Hanzoumon dispatched many of his Emissaries to serve the allied armies as tacticians and commanders.
The Winged Lion (Wrathful) – Though most often depicted as a commander, Hanzoumon himself did not shy away from the battlefield. His constant desire for excellence and competition would not allow his more warlike kin to out-do him, even in this. This aspect of Hanzoumon is often seen as a patron of competitors and athletes, and victory in competition is often said to be a sign of Hanzoumon’s blessing.

The Truth-Seeker (Benevolent) – Hanzoumon is often viewed as the patron of philosophy. Some sects of the faith study dialogues between Hanzoumon, his followers and his kin, seeking divine insight into the nature of philosophical truth. The legendary debates between Hanzoumon and his sister Lapatra have been the subjects of many stores and stage-plays.
The Sword of Justice (Benevolent / Wrathful) – Philosophy is the basis of law, so it is natural that Hanzoumon is also viewed as the patron of the law. It is said that Hanzoumon denies his blessing to those whose greed or cruelty lead them on an unjust path. Many legends tell of Hanzite Paladins wandering the lands, aiding the weak and righting injustices as they encounter them.


Stronghold: The Palace of Thoughts
Location: “And so it was that scholars, mystics and philosophers would journey to the point closest to heaven, where stood the Palace of Thoughts.”
Faith: ???
ADDENDUM: Lhaza told Jarn that he last saw the Palace on the mountain overlooking Ellothiel.

Local Shrine: The Pure Light Temple
Location: Halftown in the Temple District.
Faith: Order of the Holy Flame (Karoa, Clerical)

Hanzoumon keeps the Mind of the Old One.


(God Spirit) Hanzoumon

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