(Eldrichar) Kelara

The Swarm Queen of Oxalathiel


The Swarm Queen
Ruler of Oxalathiel

(Middle daughter of the Five Eldrichar Children)

Residence / Location:
The Grand Palace, Oxalathiel

Nation of Origin:
Born in Lost Ellothiel.
Given stewardship of Oxalathiel when she came of age.

“Gifted” (Female, claims to be just over 250 years old)
- Has many human traits, suggesting she may have been human originally.
- Has a proportionally large insectoid abdomen in place of humanoid hindquarders. She has six legs and two smaller “arms” that are positioned to either side of her lower maw (which she has shown to be the primary means of her consuming food).

Worships the Elder, and labours for His return.

Duty to her Family
Kelara telepathically commands the Swarm. The main purposes of the swarm seem to be the holding of the city of Oxalathiel and the collection of “biomass” for delivery to the sleeping “Seed” of the Elder.

- If she can be taken at face value (and that IS a big if), then she is an idealist, who is seeking a possible means of making peace with the settlers from the southern continents and her own people amongst the Eldrichar.
- She seemed genuinely excited at the idea of hosting “dinner parties” for her guests. Perhaps this is why she seemed so despondent when the party chose not to eat the food she provided.
- She tends to speak candidly. Whether this is because of her (initially) poor grasp of Common or her innate personality is a bit difficult to say.

Proficiency & Powers
- Kelara’s lower body appears to have been hybridized with insect and arachnoid features. She was keen to point out to Lark that she had surpassed the mundane, with a gifted body that was far stronger and more durable than that of any non-gifted person.
- She displayed to Cinder (and the party) that her insectoid limbs are impervious to normal weapons by allowing Cinder to scratch at it and poke it with her knife.
- Despite a frame that must weigh several hundred pounds, she is able to climb walls effortlessly, suggesting her physical strength (at least in her lower extremities) is extremely high.
- She appears to have a powerful form of telepathy that allows her to command and receive sensory data from her entire Swarm. She has admitted that distance can sometimes cause a weakening of this connection.
- By having party members put antennae near their own brains, Kelara has been able to make limited psychic contact with members of the party. She used this to invite the party to Oxalathiel, as well as to help Jarn save Cinder from infection.

Related NPCs
Mother – ?
Father – ?
Eldest Sister – ?
Graile “The Titan” – Eldest Brother
Vandemon “The Brightstar” – Elder Brother
Lystandra “The Hollowed” – Younger sister. (Her closest family.)


What the Party Knows
- Met Kelara after being captured by a Swarm hunting party sweeping the peninsula east of Oxalathiel. Those hunters were looking for a Wolfblood guerilla cell, which had already attacked the party earlier.
- While at Oxalathiel, were shown a great many of the buildings and beings to be found there giving the impression that Kelara was willing to share information with the party freely.
- Served several meals to the party, of which little was eaten. This became a bone of contention as their visit wore on, since Kelara too some offense to the party not eating the food she had made for them.
- Had a private breakfast with Cinder, where she discussed her family a bit more, and confided that she doesn’t have a lot of experience with social situations. (Considering her age, that’s seems strange to say the least.)
- Showed marked improvements in speaking Common over the course of the visit, going from being barely able to speak complete sentences to using complex linguistic expressions (such as sarcasm and metaphor) by the time the party left.
- Gifted Lark with a seed from one of the great City Trees that is growing near the palace as a token of goodwill. (This has caused various complications.)

(Eldrichar) Kelara

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