(God Spirit) Lapatra

God-Spirit of Darkness


God-Spirit of Darkness

Chaotic Neutral
(Faithful should try to avoid evil acts, and should also avoid seeking fame or prestige.)

These are the iconic images and ideals associated with this deity, and central to many of their faiths. Many of these are based on tradition, scriptures, and historical accounts.

The Lady of Masks (Benevolent / Wrathful) – Deception, obfuscation and deceit have long been associated with Lapatran methods. Lapatrans do not believe in fair fights, and encourage a ruthless pragmatism in all important matters. For better or worse, this has made Lapatra a common patron to government officials and courtiers everywhere.

The Shadow Walker (Wrathful) – It is said that Lapatra’s emissaries are beings of pure Darkness. They can walk through walls, lurk unseen in shadows, and cannot be harmed by mortal blades. Some suggest that many people engaged in unsavory businesses often pray to Lapatra for her blessings, though none would claim this in front of a faithful Lapatran. (After all, in most tales these spirits are primarily interested in serving divine retribution, and no one wishes to draw the ire of a Lapatran church.)

The Obsidian Watcher (Benevolent / Wrathful) – Often depicted as a hooded figure carrying a long staff, the Sage aspect of Lapatra depicts her nature as one who discovers secret things. While this sometimes makes her a patron to researchers, it much more often conjures an association with spies, detectives, and other investigators.

The Butterfly (Benevolent) – The night is a time for lovers, and it’s only natural that the secret meetings, romantic surprises and hidden fancies of courtship have become associated with Lapatra. Many stories and stage-plays use Shrines to Lapatra as secret rendezvous places (and convenient cover stories) for clandestine romantic meetings. In many cultures, the Butterfly has become a traditional symbol of romantic feelings.

The Queen of Moonlight (Benevolent) – Darkness shares a close association with the night and the moon, which in turn are also closely associated with women and the feminine cycle. Lapatra is often depicted as being the most traditionally feminine of the God-Spirits, and is routinely depicted in the form of a human woman in a mask. These associations have also made Lapatra a patron to women, and particularly to young girls who are going through the changes of puberty.

Stronghold: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Faith: ???

Local Shrine: The Sanctum of the Dark Hand
Location: Halftown, hidden beneath the Prince’s estate.
Faith: Tyndolion Lanothar’s Dark Hand Splinter Group

Lapatra keeps the Soul of the Old One.


(God Spirit) Lapatra

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