(The Dream) Seraph

A shadowy figure in a dreamscape.


Luka Van Katthe
AKA “Seraph”

Dark Hand Agent
Father of Azriel
Brother of Master Seraphine

Residence / Location:
Found in the Dreaming, lurking near a place that resembles Alawynnan’s hometown.

Nation of Origin:
Lordosi, married to a Wyvernori woman.
Was reported killed on a mission to the Forgotten Continent.

Human (Male, went missing in his early thirties.)


- Both as the scion of a noble Lordosian house and a veteran Dark Hand Agent, Luka specialized in espionage and international politics.
- He was also an accomplished frontiersman, spending much of his recreational and travel time between assignment indulging in trailblazing and rough-riding.
- Luka fell in love with an elven woman while on assignment for him family in the Wyvern Isles. He broke a very important politically-motivated (family arranged) engagement back in Lordosi to pursue Eloen Xellune, leading to his being disowned by the House of Van Katthe. Their families remained estranged even after the report of his death.

Proficiency & Powers
- Luka was an expert in several forms of armed and unarmed combat.
- Luka was well connected in many of the Lordosian courts, as well as the Wyvernori Government. He married into the influential Xellune family, which increased his political reach.
- Within the dream, “Seraph” carried holy water and was capable of dispelling magic. Both of these suggest a high level of magical proficiency.


Adventure Notes:

Third Mission (The Journey to Oxalathiel)
- After the party returned to Halftown, they consulted Austur Shalmazzar regardinging his progress with the Five Cases found in the Sovellis Laboratory.
- Upon using the three metal hoops, Alawynnan, Azriel and Cinder were transported into the Dreaming, where they encountered a house (and surrounding landscape) that Al claimed resembled her family’s home back in the Emerald Isles.
- When the party discovered that some sort of feral creature had appeared outside, they also entountered a strange cloaked figure who had snuck into the house with them and shut the door. The figure claimed to be “Seraph”, and has been searching for the origin of this village.
- When asked how he got here, the figure displayed a bite-mark on his shoulder, and said “I stopped for the night somewhere I should not have been, and I paid for it.”
- He washed Al’s ash-stained hands with holy water, and then used a dispelling charm to break their connection to the Dreaming. Just as he completed his spell, Azriel recognized his face as being the face of her father, Luka Van Katthe.

(The Dream) Seraph

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