(Eldrichar) Lysandra

Elrichar traveller with connections to the party.


AKA: “Lysa”, “The Hollowed”

Eldricharum (Youngest daughter of the New Eldricharum)
Divine Patron of Duncan Grieves, who is her “Paladin”.

Residence / Location:
Moves around a lot.
(Kelara claims she can often be found in Ellothiel or Oxalathiel.)

Nation of Origin:
Born in Ellothiel.

“Gifted” (Female, Kelara claims that Lysandra is a little over a century old.)
- Could easily pass for a half-elf so long as she is dressed normally.

Worships the Elder, and labours for His return.

Duty to her Family
Appears to be serving her family as some sort of scout or messenger.

- Appears well intentioned in wanting to save people from the Leviathan.
- Was willing to pass “the gift” to Duncan when spurred by the heat of a moment.
- Seemed completely oblivious to the fact that Duncan didn’t know what he was getting into, suggesting that she is either quite na├»ve… or possibly not all that bright. (Or that she’s a very talented manipulator, but if so then she’s got an odd way of going about it, considering she tried to suggest they might be “going too fast”.)

Proficiency & Powers
- She was able to fire an extremely powerful Eldrich Bolt at the Leviathan. She claimed that Azriel’s magical “aura” has boosted her powers substantially.
- She has some kind of toothed maw on the front of her torso that runs from the middle of her breastbone down to the base of her spine. This suggests that her internal organs and digestive system (at very least) have been radically altered by her gifts.
- She claims to be able to cross vast distances in a very short period of time, and has been able to convince a villager that she was Duncan using some sort of trickery.
- She is capable of sensing the Leviathan’s presence at a distance of many miles, suggesting she has some sort of powerful scrying magics at her disposal.

Related NPCs
? – Mother
– Father
??? – Eldest Sister
Graile “The Titan” – Eldest Brother
Vandemon “The Brightstar” – Elder Brother
Kelara “The Swarm Queen”- Elder sister. (Her closest family.)


What the Party Knows
- She was found at the edge of the woods surrounding Candlebright. There, she tried to convince the party not to go near the town. When pressed, she explained that a beast was going to destroy the town, and that she was powerless to help.
- Her interactions with Duncan (where he swore and other to be her “Champion”) revealed her Vilebloomed physiology, but at the cost of infecting him with a “controlled” strain of the Vile himself.
- She claims to be a member of the Eldricharum. This was later confirmed by Kelara.
- She informed Duncan about what the Leviathan was, why it was attacking, and laid out a rough timeline for when she expects the Leviathan to make an attack on Halftown.
- She disappeared, but appears to have used Duncan’s appearance to contact the village of Cedarhaven, paying a young man there to deliver a message to the Prince on Duncan’s behalf, warning them about the imminent arrival of the Candlebright Refugees.

(Eldrichar) Lysandra

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