(Dark Hand) Seraphine

A minstrel with a cruel past.


AKA: Serina Van Katthe

Residence / Location:
A small house in Halftown

Nation of Origin:
The City of Valindeen, Lordosi

Human (Female, mid-forties)

Lapatran (long lapsed)

- Normally arch but witty, of late she has become increasingly short of humour.
- Is not afraid to speak her mind, though she usually chooses carefully how much she wishes to say on any given topic. She is no stranger to keeping secrets.
- Seems to have a lot of trouble (at present) keeping her emotions from clouding her judgement.

- Is proficient with several musical instruments and is an accomplished singer.
- Is socially savvy, though she sometimes allows emotion to over-ride reason.
- Combat Proficiencies unknown, though she claims to have been involved with field work that included assassination, suggesting she probably has some combat experience.

Reason for coming to the Forgotten Continent:
- Originally claimed to be collecting songs and stories being composed here.
- Actually hiding out from the Wyvernori Dark Hand after tendering her resignation and adopting Cinder after the tragic failure of her last mission got her whole team (including Cinder’s parents) killed.

Current Occupation:
- Bard and minstrel servicing Halftown.
- Retired Dark Hand Agent
- Cinder’s teacher (?)

Associated NPCs
(DH) Tyndolion Lanothar
(DH) Baern Auchtenfell


(Dark Hand) Seraphine

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