(God Spirit) Natakra

God-Spirit of Water and Ice


God-Spirit of Water and Ice

True Neutral
(Faithful may be of any alignment, but must always fight ferociously when battle is joined – they should be amongst the first to attack, and be the last to retreat.)

These are the iconic images and ideals associated with this deity, and central to many of their faiths. Many of these are based on tradition, scriptures and historical accounts.

The Warbear (Wrathful) – In many cultures, Natakra’s depiction as the Spirit of Water is second to his reverence as the God of War. Even his own scriptures describe Natakra as violently tempermental and ferociously aggressive. Nearly all Natarkran orders demand their clerics to be warriors first, and priests second (if at all).

The Rainmaker (Benevolent) – Though Natakra’s wrath is mighty, so too is his desire for rest, and it is said that the peaceful sleep of Natakra bring on gentle rains. It is for this reason that farmers traditionally make gifts of alchohol, blankets, and incense to Natakran shrines.
The Roaring Fury (Wrathful) – Natakra is said to call down heavy rains, flurries of sleet and crippling snowstorms upon the lands of those who displease him. It is not uncommon for Natakra to be prayed to as a Spirit of Vengeance by those who seek retribution for wrongs or injustices done against them, for Natakra himself is known to be spiteful.

The Lord of All Tides (Benevolent) – All wise sailors revere Natakra, and most ships that sail deep waters make offerings to Natakra before venturing out onto the sea, in hopes of encouraging the Great Bear to grant them calm seas or good fishing. In most coastal towns, the Shrine to Natakra will be one of the most well-visited and prosperous since so much of their livelihood can be seen as a matter of Natakra’s good graces. Many sailors who retire to a monastery in their old age will serve at these shrines, teaching the ways of weather-watching and sailing to the next generation.

Stronghold: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Faith: ???

Local Shrine: The Weathered Shrine
Location: Halftown in the Temple District.
Faith: The Children of the Bear ( Hyboth, Warrior/Monastic)

Natakra keeps the Eyes of the Old One.


(God Spirit) Natakra

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