She is Raar. Fear her, also.



Residence / Location:
Chungash Embassy, Halftown.

Nation of Origin:
Formerly a resident of Shallum Orcara

Northern Wolfenkynde (F, late teen?)


- Being mute, Raar is not an easy person to get to know.
- She doesn’t interact much with people, spending most of her attention on watching out for anything that might threaten Gurr. (She also acts pre-emptively to keep him from finding his own trouble.)
- She allows Gurr to speak for her most of the time. He does so with great aplomb, and it is pretty clear that Gurr believes that Raar’s greatness is second only to his own.

- The scars on her neck and throat suggest that Raar is mute.
- She caught a knife that was thrown at her right out of the air.
- She can pick up Gurr when he’s being aggressive, suggesting she’s pretty strong, also.
- Based on previous interactions, it seems that Raar may be a bit more fluent than Gurr in terms of understanding spoken Common.

Reason for coming to the Forgotten Continent:
Following Gurr.

Current Occupation:
Prince Gurr’s personal bodyguard.

Associated NPCs
- Gurr, Prince of the Chungash


Adventure Notes:

- Arrived in Halftown with Guur.

First Mission (The Lost Shrine & The Hidden Vault)
- Competed in the Adventurer Selection Tournament.
- Scored well, and probably would have scored better if she weren’t constantly dealing with Gurr, and deliberately placing after him in everything.
- Kept Gurr out of a fistfight with Duncan.

Second Mission (The Fall of Candlebright)
- ???

Third Mission (The Journey to Oxalathiel)
- ???


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