(God Spirit) Shoryu

God-Spirit of Air and the Winds.


God-Spirit of Air and Wind

Chaotic Good
(Faithful may not be evil, and should tend to be rules-flexible.)

These are the iconic images and ideals associated with this deity, and central to many of their faiths. Many of these are based on tradition, scriptures, and historical accounts.

The Sky Dancer (Benevolent) – Patron of artists and musicians, Shoryu is herself a creative free-spirit. It is said that when one sees an image in the clouds, it is a sign that the Sky Dancer or one of her Emissaries is near.

The Storm Herald (Wrathful) – It is said that in the olden days, Shoryu’s Emissaries would visit villages that would be destroyed by coming storms and warn them to escape. After the end of he war, such visits no longer came. Many believed this was Shoryu’s divine punishment for the weakness of mortals and their arrogance in calling down the Cataclysm. In modern times, the wrathful image of Shoryu serves as a reminder of the price of hubris.

The Grinning Dragon (Benevolent / Wrathful) – A creature of endless whimsy and vast power, Shoryu’s notoriety as a prankster, jester, and all-around sower of mischief has perpetuated down through the ages. While most scriptures depict her tricks as light-hearted, a few display a profound mean-streak, such as the time she punished a man for stealing food from her shrine by having everything he put in his mouth turn to “mud” and allowing him to starve to death as a result. While this aspect may be the patron of actors and entertainers, it has also become the patron of thieves and charlatans, whose antics may find just as much favour with the mercurial Dragon’s sense of amusement.

The Singer of Seasons (Benevolent) – Because of her association with the wind and the weather, Shoryu is also the patron of seasonal changes, particularly the arrival of Spring. As such, Shoryu is often seen as a spirit of new beginnings and renewal, and those in her service often embody this by learning life-affirming magic, such as healing and blessings.

Stronghold: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Faith: Unknown

Local Shrine: Distant Echo Shrine
Location: Halftown in the Temple District.
Faith: Order of the Crystal Song ( Lordosi, Monastic)

Shoryu keeps the Teeth of the Old One.


(God Spirit) Shoryu

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