(God Spirit) Garada

God-Spirit of Fire


God-Spirit of Fire

Lawful Good
(Faithful may not be Evil or Chaotic, and must be either Lawful or Good.)

These are the iconic images and ideals associated with this deity, and central to many of their faiths. Many of these are based on tradition, scriptures, and historical accounts.

The Enlightened (Benevolent) – Of all the God-Spirits, the Firebird is depicted as being the most contemplative. He was deeply concerned by the struggles of mortal life, and many of his faiths preach patience, temperance, and empathy as being necessary for living well and (eventually) achieving a more enlightened state.
The King of Flames (Wrathful) – It is said that although the Firebird was slowest to anger, his fury was by far the most frightful of all the Spirits. All fire, from the smallest spark to the fury of a lightening bolt is Garada’s domain, and those who wish to wield their destructive force often pray him for his blessing.

The Eternal Phoenix (Benevolent) – In keeping with his doctrine, the faiths of Garada have always had a strong emphasis on public service, particularly in regards to the healing arts. The Healing Temples of Garada are credited with the tradition of sterilization through fire, and it is traditional for many healers to pray for Garada’s guidance before attempting any type of surgical procedure that involves cutting into the body of the patient.

The Bird & The Book (Benevolent) – Many traditional stories of Garada depict him as curious, constantly traveling in search of new or interesting things. For this reason, Garada often serves as a patron deity for those interested in research, such as scientists and historians.
The Arcane Master (Benevolent or Wrathful) – Many traditions hold that it was Garada who first began teaching arcane sorcery to the mortal races, and he is viewed by many as not only the patron of fire, but of magic itself. Though the modern era has not made as much of this connection, it is said that in the time before the Cataclysm that most schools of magecraft were also Temples to Garada.

Stronghold: The Crypt of the Firebird
Location: Four days South-West of the Ruins of Ydrathiel.
Faith: Garada’s Chosen, called the “Firebloods”.

The Shrine of Contemplation
Location: Halftown in the Temple District.
Faith: The Silent Kinship ( Tourima, Scholastic)

Garada keeps the Arms of the Old One.
- This represents the Devourer’s ability to regenerate from injuries quickly, and regrow lost appendages rapidly.
- Firebird has been incinerating the “arms” constantly for the past 2000 years, but has already admitted that it’s a stalemate – one where he is doomed to fall l behind, if powerful beings do not sacrifice their Souls to help fuel the burning.


(God Spirit) Garada

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