(Dark Hand) "The Prince"

Prince of Halftown, Master of the Dark Hand



The “Prince” of Halftown
Lord Mayor of Halftown.
Governor of the Lanothar Province.
Dark Hand Agent
Splinter Group Leader

Residence / Location:
The Lanothar Estate in Halftown

Nation of Origin:
The City of Morren Allora, in the Wyvern Isles

High Elf (126 years old, if his own words are to be believed.)

Paladin of Lapatra

- Cool, pleasant and professional in personal dealings.
- Does not suffer fools; this is his town, and he knows it.
- Does not question results, save in matters of secrecy.

- Appears proficient in some fairly advanced magic, including the use of a translocation spell.
- Claims to have been blessed as a Paladin in service to Lapatra, though if he has used any such gifts he has not done so within the party’s view.
- Is an expert in matters of politics and political maneuvering.
- Is not, in fact, a Prince. Prince is a (somewhat ironic) nickname given to him by his peers in town (specifically Master Seraphine and Willow Briarwood) which has become thoroughly ingrained in the local community, to the point that quite a few people amongst the local peasantry believe it to be true.

Reason for coming to the Forgotten Continent:
- Officially, was the founding sponsor of the expedition that discovered and restored Halftown. Has been the leader of the community ever since.
- In truth, was co-sponsored by the Dark Hand to help them create a stronghold on the Forbidden Continent, and to serve as a base of operations for scouting the region.

Current Occupation:
- Officially, a historical and political scholar.
- Community leader, colloquially known as “The Prince of Halftown”.
- Agent in service the Dark Hand, serving as their eyes and ears in Halftown.
- Secretly leading a splinter group aimed at keeping the Wyvernori Government in the dark about the true events happening around Halftown.
- Secretly serving as a Paladin of Lapatra.

Associated NPCs
Adderlynne – his scholarly apprentice.


Adventure Notes:

- Hosted the 25th Anniversary Festival where the original Adventurers were selected.
- Orchestrated matters to ensure that Azriel and Cinder were included in the party.

First Mission (The Lost Shrine & The Hidden Vault)
- Sent you to Sandy Cove to investigate reports of a strange cave, where you discovered the lost shrine and the Soveliss family vault.
- Presented you with your HQ as a ‘gift’ upon completing your first mission.

Second Mission (The Fall of Candlebright)
- Came out personally to receive the refugees from Candlebright.
- Aided Baern in monitoring Cedarhaven while the party was hunting for the two Vile-Infected people.

Third Mission (The Journey to Oxalathiel)
- After Azriel stumbled into a secret Dark Hand meeting, the Prince decided to invite the party to join his splinter group. He explained a bit more about the Dark Hand, the situation in the Wyvern Isles, and about their goal of making contact with Lapatra.

(Dark Hand) "The Prince"

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