Willow Briarwood

Whip-happy Captain of the Halftown Guard.



Captain of the Halftown Guard
(Has held this post for the last 13 years.)

Residence / Location:
Lives in a private apartment in town.
Spends most of her time at the office of the City Guard.

Nation of Origin:
The Kingdom of Chalice, in Karador.

Gruen Dryad.
(As a dryad, Willow can summon her Whip as a cantrip.)

Polytheist (worships all the Spirits equally, though not fervently).

- Has a reputation for being strict with regulation. She seems to genuinely like rules and enjoys punishing people who break them.
- While she can be perfectly reasonable about civil matters, when it comes to violent or disorderly behavior she pulls no punches… or rather, spares no lashes. Her ready willingness to bring out her trademark whip at even the slightest provocation is notorious.
- Possibly as a result of the above, she has occasionally be accused of having a sadistic streak. She does nothing to dissuade or deny these accusations.
- It was Willow’s sarcastic use of “your highness” with Tyndolion in the early days that earned him the nickname “the Prince of Halftown”.

- Willow’s technique with a whip is second to none. On festival days she has demonstrated her technique by shattering glass bottles at fifteen paces.
- Previous to her work with the guard, Willow was a successful bounty hunter. It seems fairly unlikely she has allowed her skills to grow dull in her present line of work.

Reason for coming to the Forgotten Continent:
- A former bounty-hunter, Willow has a long history of man-hunting.
- After she took down a couple of local bandits on a warrant, the Prince recruited her to train and oversee his (admittedly somewhat amateurish) Town Guard.

Associated NPCs
“His Highness the Prince of Halftown”


Adventure Notes:

- Has known Cinder for most of her life.
- Has had her eye on Alawynnan off and on since Al’s arrival.

First Mission (The Lost Shrine & The Hidden Vault)
- Served as a competition judge for the Adventurer’s Selection Competition.

Second Mission (The Fall of Candlebright)
- Held the fort (against her wishes) while the Prince and Baern went out to meet the party and the refugees.
- Investigated the murder of a visiting messenger from the Wyvern Isles, and hung a local ner-do-well for the crime.
- Received a report of a suicide by one of the refugees in Cedarhaven from the Prince. He claimed that he had taken care of the matter personally, and that no further investigation was needed. It seems he was grieving the recent loss of his wife…

Third Mission (The Journey to Oxalathiel)
- Was noticeably absent from the meeting of the Dark Hand. It seems that despite her place in the hierarchy of the town, she isn’t read in on these matters.

Willow Briarwood

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