Arena Day 1

The Evaluation:
During the first day of the Tournament the Six Shamans of the Tribe will each put forth a test for those intending to compete in the tournaments. Each Shaman is free to set any test they wish, but generally speaking the tests will generally be short, not especially difficult, and examine aspects of each competitor that their faith feels is significant to success.

Scoring is harsh, however. 0 points are awarded for average finishes, 1 point is awarded for a strong showing, and a rare 2pts to exceptional performances. Any competitor who cannot complete a test to the Shaman’s satisfaction may be barred from entrance to certain events. (This is for the competitor’s own safety – unworthy warriors should train for next year, rather than risking harm to themselves or others in the competition.)

It is common for there to be one or more examinations that require magic. Generally, a Warrior who has been blessed by the Gods or has cultivated arcane knowledge in addition to a strong body are viewed as being very strong. People unable to use magic will always score “0” in such exams, but will rarely be barred from entrance to all events as a result. (Though obviously it will bar you from magic competitions.)

0-1pts: Fighter – May not compete in Arena.
2-3pts: Warrior – Risky Minimum for Arena Participants.
4-6pts: Respected – Average for Arena Participants.
7-9pts: Elite – Being given this score is a mark of honour.
10-12pts: The Strong – Equal to a Grumsh or a strong Shaman.

This Year’s Events:

Shaman of Air, Sutha Amakyr (Half-Orc, F)
Test of Dexterity: Display of Accuracy
- Requires shooting moving targets.
- Magic permitted.

Shaman of Earth, Quasha of Roshnash (Orc, F)
Test of Resolve: Display of Endurance
- A field course of running obstacles and swimming.
- No magic permitted.

Shaman of Fire, High Shaman Muz of Roshnash (Orc, M)
Test of Knowledge: Display of Arcane Power
- Asks you to show your most powerful spell.
- Magic required.

Shaman of Water, Ulg Coldhands (Ursankynde, M)
Test of Strength: Display of Martial Schooling
- Asks you to perform a series of martial forms.
- No magic permitted.

Shaman of Light, Ranya of Ashul (Lionkynde, F)
Test of Honour: Display of Valor
- Tell a tale of your greatest personal achievement.
- Magic permitted.

Shaman of Darkness, Helja Deepshadows (Dwarf, F)
Test of Cunning: Display of Trickery
- Asks that you display your most useful ability.
- Magic permitted. (No other specifics given.)

Arena Day 1

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