Arena Rules

Basic Arena Rules:

1. Attacks made against another Team in the Arena are considered an Act of War between nations.

2. Each Team will register with 5 Warriors. Those 5 Warriors may not be changed, and no Warriors may be added to the team for the duration of the competition. If a warrior is killed, injured, or otherwise unable to compete, the remaining team members may choose to withdraw, or may choose to choose positions more strategically going forward.

3. All members of a Team must be evaluated by the Shamans on the First Day of the Festival. The scores earned will be used as the Team Score, which will serve as the Order of Selection for Round 1, as well as the tie-breaker throughout the tournament. Only the scores of active members will be used to compute tiebreakers. (Killed or Sidelined warriors do not contribute to tiebreakers.)

4. Each members of a Team will be given a large, bright-green square of fabric known as a Kul (a flag used to call up reserves on a battlefield). If more than half of the Upright players (players who are still on their feet at the time the flag is thrown) have thrown their Kul, the next team is sent into the Arena. The team that threw Kul may continue to aid the second team, or may withdraw (the later being a sign of defeat, and usually results in withdrawal from the Tournament).

5. While in the Arena, all forms of combat and tactics are considered valid for combating monsters. However, any action that directly results in harm to non-combatants (including spectators, officials, or Teams on Standby, will result in a Forfeiture Penalty and a Misconduct Warning. (You only get one warning.)

Creatures & Creature Evaluation

An assortment of 19 Monster have been captured for this event. These Creatures have been evaluated by the Shamans, and will be entered into the arena in order from Least Dangerous to Most Dangerous. The Point Bounty given to a Creature should serve to suggest how it balances against a party of adventurers – the higher the mismatch, the greater the odds that someone will be injured or killed in the fight.

Each day, a certain number of Monsters will be readied for combat. The participating teams Bid on which order they would like to face the monsters for that day. The order is called the Rank. First Rank will be the ones who fight the monster first, Second Rank goes second, etc. Once each team has their position in the Ranks, the contests begin.

Arena Schedule:
Day 1: Evaluations
Day 2: Round 1 (7 Monsters, 3 Ranks)
Day 3: Round 2 (5 Monsters, 4 Ranks)
Day 4: Round 3 (3 Monsters, 5 Ranks)
Day 5: Semi-Final (3 Monsters, 4 ranks)
Day 6: Finals (1 Monster, 6 Ranks)

Scoring in the Arena

Each Creature is given a Point Bounty.

The first team to battle the creature has the chance to win the full bounty. Each other team in a lower Rank can score a percentage of that Bounty based on the number of Ranks.

If a team must throw Kul (or all fall) during their turn, they score half of their bounty in recognition of their courage and their contributions. (In the case that a team throws Kul without making significant efforts to face the creature, the Shamans may rule it as cowardice, for which no points are awarded and the team is disgraced.)

If a monster is defeated before a team has a chance to face it, they also score half of the points they otherwise would have. (This signifies their position as reserves in the battle.)

All half points are rounded up.

A Creature has a 9pt Bounty and three ranks.

Rank 1: 9pts for winning, 5pts for Kul.
Rank 2: 6pts for winning, 3pts for Kul or Reserve.
Rank 3: 3pts for winning, 2pts for Kul or Reserve.

(If somehow a Creature survives all the scheduled Ranks, the team with the lowest overall score in the competition is given the chance to “steal” the kill for the lowest rank’s points, or pass. This continues up the scores until a team finally kills it.)

Types of Creatures:

Beast: Naturally occurring dangerous or oversized animals.
Monster: beasts capable of using some form of magic.
Thing: man-made enemies, such as constructs or golems.

Arena Rules

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