Balance of Power

Party vs The God Spirit Factions

(The Wolfbloods)
Current Relationship: Enemy
- The party have killed several Wolfbloods.
- The last Wolfblood they spoke too basically marked them for death.
- There is a Emissary of Ahsifa in or around the Shrine in Halftown, which has been blighting the plants there. It called Lark a traitor when it spoken to him, though it did not reveal itself.
- Halftown’s Ahsifans are planning a march to Oxalathiel.

(The Firebloods)
Current Relationship: Ally
- The party knows where he is.
- Has promised to make contact with the party when possible.
- Cinder is living with him.
- Cannot offer aid. Has no military, and few living followers.

Current Relationship: Unknown
- Jarn was given Clerical Miracles by Hanzoumon, for unknown reasons.
- The Church of the Holy Light, led by Sister Lumina, claimed responsibility for the burning of the holding cells where Pella and Duncan were kept.

Current Relationship: Unknown
- The Prince is a Lapatran Paladin, and is an ally.
- The party suspects the Dark Figure seen in Crystal #6 is related in some way to Lapatra, but left them a message saying “I am not here to help you” in Candlebright.

Current Relationship: Unknown
- The Leviathan is a Natakran creation, though Felix told the party that he has no control over it. .

Current Relationship: Unknown
- The Spirit Lhaza serves Shoryu, and is positively disposed to the party.
- Pyrrah Wavebreaker is a Paladin of Shoryu, and her family has been favoured by her faith for generations.

Party Vs the Eldrichar Factions

The Swarm (Oxalathiel)
Current Relationship: Neutral to Halftown, Ally to the party
- Kelara the Swarm Queen has ‘made friends’ with some of the party, and has shown herself repeatedly as being willing to help them when she is able.
- Kelara sent a treaty of alliance to the Prince. The Prince has not decided how to reply yet.

The Church of the Elder God (Ellothiel)
Current Relationship: Unknown
- Kelara’s family are the leaders of the Church, so her positive opinion of the party will have a positive effect on relations.
- Lysandra had sent Duncan as a representative of their organization. Unfortunately, his choice to incarcerate himself in addition to his untimely death will surely have had a negative impact on that relationship.

The Domain of King Bolphus (Inzunathiel)
Current Relationship: Unknown
- The party has had no contact yet with this group that they know of.

The Dreamers / The Undead Horde (Alkulathiel)
Current Relationship: Unknown
- The party has had no contact yet with this group that they know of.

Party vs Other Cities

Gambleright (Lanothar Province, Wyvernori Colony)
Current Relationship: Conflicted
- The Candlebright refugees completely support the party as heroes.
- The Gambleright locals view the party as keeping secrets and not living up to their reputation.
- The Town Guard see the party as untrustworthy, since they appear to be keeping secrets for the Prince. They also lost four friends and fellow offociers due to the haunting, and some of that blame has been placed on the party (whether that’s fair or not).

Sandy Cove (Lanothar Province, Wyvernori Colony)
Current Relationship: Positive
- The party are seen as heroes due to their killing the Whiphead.

Cedarhaven (Lanothar Province, Wyvernori Colony)
Current Relationship: Conflicted
- The party successfully hunted down a Vile menace that could have threatened the town.
- The party brought that menace with them in the first place.

Estoch (Wassledarn Colony)
Current Relationship: Commercial to Halftown, Adversarial with the Party
- The party have had no experience in Estoch, but have had several problematic run-ins with the Wassi Ambassador, Hallock Grindstone, who has interfered with their missions and sent people after them on at least two occasions.

Gallothar (Lordosian Colony)
Current Relationship: None
- Pyrrah is from here, and is something of a local celebrity there.
- The party has had no contact yet with this city as yet.

The Bay of Radiance (Karkoan Colony)
Current Relationship: None
- Founded by members of the Church of the Holy Flame.
- Sister Lumina was an initiate here.

Roshnash (Orcish City-State)
Current Relationship: None
- The party has had no contact yet with this city.

Balance of Power

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