How Ready is Halftown

How Ready Is Halftown to Face the Leviathan?

Below are the issues that will determine how capable Halftown is of surviving the impending attack by the Leviathan.

Each element that is “READY” will gain the party an advantage of some sort when the Leviathan arrives. (These will mean mechanical benefits and additional actions that can be taken during the Battle to beat back the Leviathan before it destroys too much.)

Each element that is “NOT READY” or “OPTIONAL” will offer no advantage, but no disadvantage either. This is something that was being worked on or was partially done. (This will simply mean neither mechanic will be employed in the Battle.)

Each element that is a “PROBLEM” will create a disadvantage for the party in the battle to come. (This will mean penalties, lost actions, or the inability to use resources effectively when the battle comes. Having multiple Problems could make the Leviathan fight short and ugly.)

Each element is listed with it’s current state. The party can attempt to solve “Problems” and improve readiness every day up until the arrival of the Leviathan.

List of Days until the Leviathan Arrives.

Halftown City Defenses

Artillery: PROBLEM
The Holdup: the Prince needs Wassi engineers to build and upgrade the siege engines on the outer walls. So far, the Wassi Ambassador from Estoch is holding out on him big time. If a deal doesn’t happen fast, the engineers won’t have time to get things ready.
Action Plan: The party has made plans to journey to Nandoch (another Wassi City) to seek contacts there. Hopefully, they can bring Engineers with them when they return to Halftown.

The Holdup: the sea wall was built to keep storms from sweeping in, not keep a giant monster out. Powerful magic wards would be needed to reinforce the wall, and there is no one in the city who knows how to do that.
Action Plan: Ongoing. Azriel has stated her intention to approach the Shaman of earth after seeing how their shields caught the explosion of the Stone Bull. Applying this technology to the seawall could provide a huge advantage.

Breakwater Defenses: OPTIONAL
The Holdup: the breakwater out in the bay could serve as a first line of defense if halftown had any kind of ship fleet to put siege engines on. Unfortunately, the local merchant ships are the only people who sail here, and getting them to sacrifice their ships (because let’s be clear – these would be a total loss) is not going to happen
Action Plan: None

Military Forces to Fight the Leviathan

Command Unit: NOT READY
The Holdup: While the party will be serving as trouble-shooters, they will also need to be commanding the troops unless some people with actual military experience can be found todo the job. With the party alone, their ability to issue command will be severely limited.
Action Plan: None

Unit 1 – Halftown City Guard: READY
Willow Briarwood knows what the score is, and she’s making sure her unit is training extra hard, even if they don’t know exactly why. They’ll be ready to lead the evacuation, and ready to face what’s coming as long as their families are safely out of harm’s way.

Unit 2 – None: PROBLEM
The Holdup: no unit has been recruited to serve in this function
Action Plan: Attend the tournament in Roshnash to drum up support and recruit troops.

Unit 3 – None: PROBLEM
The Holdup: no unit has been recruited to serve in this function
Action Plan: Attend the tournament in Roshnash to drum up support and recruit troops.

Unit 4 – None: OPTIONAL
The Holdup: not required, just good to have.
Action Plan: Attend the tournament in Roshnash to drum up support and recruit troops.

Unit 5 – None: OPTIONAL
The Holdup: not required, just good to have.
Action Plan: Attend the tournament in Roshnash to drum up support and recruit troops.

Reserves 1 – Civilian Reserves: NOT READY
The Holdup: Morale amongst the outlying towns (Gambleright in particular) is very low. Without strong community spirit, faith in their leadership and a belief they can win, civilians won’t sign up for a battle against something so terrifying.
Action Plan: None

Reserves 2 – None: OPTIONAL
The Holdup: no unit has been recruited to serve in this function
Action Plan: Attend the tournament in Roshnash to drum up support and recruit troops.

Arcane Support – Local Shrines (hopefully): OPTIONAL
The Holdup: Without some clear lines of command and some organization, this group could end up making little difference in the bigger picture. But that would require all the different faiths to line up behind one leader…
Action Plan: None

Healers – Local Shrines (hopefully): OPTIONAL
The Holdup: It’s likely that the local shrines will provide this kind of aid in defense of their churches, but without organization and leadership these people will only be able to do the best they can manage. It would make a huge difference to have a professional leading them, but Halftown doesn’t have that kind of specialist…
Action Plan: None

The Civilian Population

Evacuation of Civilians to Gambleright: NOT READY
The Holdup: this will be the second batch of refugees coming to Gambleright this year. The last set brought death and the Vile to their city. So even if the buildings are ready, the negative impact on everyone involved will be huge. So even though the buildings will be done on time, the evacuation is unlikely to be a glowing success.
Action Plan: None

Risk of Civil Unrest: PROBLEM
The Holdup: Unless the morale of Halftown is high and the population is united before news of the attack becomes general public knowledge, the odds of looting and violence are very real. Furthermore, the town’s faith in it’s leadership is very important and times like these, and there are communities nearby where faith in the Prince and his people is at an all-time low. Word of those worries have surely reach Halftown by now…
Action Plan: None

Risk of Economic Fallout: NOT READY
The Holdup: this attack is likely to result in property damage and loss of life, even if everything goes really well. Business owners are going to want to pack up shop and leave, which is a huge burden on evacuation efforts. But if they aren’t properly evacuated, there is a real chance that thse businesses will move elsewhere, making rebuilding more difficult.
Action Plan: None

Resources to Rebuilt: PROBLEM
The Holdup: the Lanothar province has a small population overall, and not a whole lot of money gets collected in taxes. Most of that money is having to be invested up-front to cover the costs of preparation and evacuation. By the time the Leviathan leaves, the coffers will be bare. How is the city supposed to rebuild?
Action Plan: None

The Party

Ready to Fight: NOT READY
The Holdup: With new members working alongside the party will they be able to come together as a unit in time to be a unified and formidable opponent to the Leviathan?
Action Plan: None.

Equipped to Fight: NOT READY
The Holdup: This thing is a giant elemental holy spirit. Mundane weapons are probably not going to do much other than slow it down. Holy magic might not even work at all. So what have you got that is going to hurt this thing?
Action Plan: Jarn has brought his ingot of Obsidiantine to Roshnash, and hopes to spend some of his free time seeking a smith who can turn it into something.

Know Thy Enemy: NOT READY
The Holdup: What do you actually know about this Leviathan? How will it attack? What are it’s powers? What strategy is it likely to employ? Does it have any weaknesses? If you can’t answer some of these questions, the creature will be holding most of the cards when combat starts.
Action Plan: Situation Improved. Pyrrah has already secured an agreement with Longshore regarding access to the archive at the Cathedral to Natakra. They have agreed to send some general notes to Halftown, but more significantly they have offered to let the party come in and look into it themselves. If the party is willing to take the journey then they might find a weakness that the Natakrans themselves might overlook in their reading.

How Ready is Halftown

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