Loose Ends

Unresolved Issues from Past Adventures

Mission 1 Related:

- The party saw a shadowy figure in Crystal #6 shortly after they found it. It was seen again in Candlebright, when the Crystals were being used to hunt for Nick’s Wraith. This being is obviously connected to the chests in some way. Talking to them could be valuable for information.

- The “Sky Mirror” from cases 1&2 needs an ancient map in order to use it properly. If the party can find one, it may make long-range surveying of regions possible. This could be a huge advantage in future endeavors.

- The Silver Circles from case 3 have allowed the party to examine the Dream, previously. The party isn’t sure yet how they work. Making contact with Seraph again might be vary valuable in learning about the Dream.

Mission 2 Related:

- The Hellhound is still running loose in the grass plains between the Lookout Mountains and Candlebright. Anyone traveling in that region is at risk of attack, expect possibly the party. (The Hellhound said that it owed Lark and his companions a favour for their aid in killing the Celestial Head.)

- A Hanzite Emessary appeared in the Pure Light Temple in Halftown to grant Jarn Clerical Miracles of the Hanzite faith. The current whereabouts of that Emissary are unknown.

Mission 3 Related:

- Mission 5 Update: Lark told his Church about the Seed he was given in Oxalathiel. Recently, General Svenson of Longshore told the party that a sizable fleet is being sent from Minameith as an expeditionary force. (This could well be the precursor to a much bigger army being sent later.) They will likely aim to make landfall at ‘Candlebright’.

- There is an Ahsifan Emissary somewhere in or around the Halftown region. It spoke to Lark, calling him a traitor to the blood while he was at the church, and has been blighting the gardens there (Larks in particular). This bodes poorly for his spiritual wellbeing.

Mission 4 Related:

- Since opening one of the Madhand scrolls, Lark has had the image of a person appearing to him in dreams. He finds himself craving to know the appearance of the face in the image, but he cannot tell if that is a Vile Allure, or if it is his own brain telling him that remembering the face is important. After all, the first time he saw it he thought it was familiar for some reason, as if he might have met this person before.

- The Phoenix said he would begin working on a means of communicating with the party. Thus far, nothing has come to fruition yet, but he said setting it up might take some time.

Mission 5 Related:

- The Party succeeded in putting Nick in a Jar. If they ever want to use the Shadowcatcher again they’ll need to find a way to empty it out. Also, if Nick gets loose again there is no guarantee that he won’t go back to his rampage in Gambleright (or elsewhere).

- The Church of the Holy Flame put the holding cells to the torch, killing Pella and Duncan. This is in keeping with their faith and its stance on the Vile, but leaves their relationship to the party (and Jarn in particular) up in the air.

- While looking though Crystal #7, Jarn was able to see a green hue around things that the party knew to be related to the Vile. Unfortunately, this included Al’s right eye.

- Alawynan was turned to stone by the magic of an arcane golem during the Arena tournament in Roshnash. She has been placed in the keeping of the Earth Shaman, who has elected to secure her in the Arcane Quarantine in the deepest part of the catacombs under the arena. Why she has chosen to store her here (instead of the Palace or in a Shrine) isn’t exactly clear. The party would need to provide 1000 GP of diamond dust in order to break this spell.

- Halftown is in hot water with Wassledarn, and the local cities of Estoch and Nandoch specifically. This came about because the party revealed that they had been keeping information about a major Vile infestation secret from Estoch (which is the closest city to Oxalathiel) during their council meeting in Nandoch.

- As a result of the hostilities, Estoch has placed a foreward operating base in the site that Candlebright used to occupy. Likely this will be turned into a landing and supply zone for any fleet Wassledarn sends to the conflict with Halftown. Unfortunately, Minameith is also intending to land a major force here in the coming months since this is their land by rights. If the party does nothing, this will probably result in bloodshed when those ships arrive.

- Hallock Grindstone is obviously aiming to take the party out before they can have any kind of serious impact on the coming conflict. If left unchecked, he’s probably going to keep sending danger the party’s way.

- Longshore is now aware of Hallock’s findings regarding Halftown, both by virtue of espionage and his own conversations with the Princess. It’s likely that they will have some suspicions about that information based on the pending conflict, but it’s likely they will start looking into it. Oxalathiel isn’t really a secret anymore, and the party needs to decide when and how the truth of that situation becomes public knowledge.

Loose Ends

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