Party Loot
This page will include a list of the things the party has obtained from their adventures up to this point, along with an annotation of who was last known to be carrying it.

First Adventure:

(With Adderlynne) Crystal Working Tools
- Taken from the Soveliss lab by Al.
- Last used to desecrate a statue of Lapatra.

(With Auster) The Five Cases of Legaro Soveliss
- Five cases of scrying artifacts left for safekeeping.

(Building) The Adventurers HQ – Halftown
- Building given to the party by the Prince for use as lodging.
- Two floors, plus a cellar. Six bedrooms.
- Cellar has a sub-cellar which leads into the sewers.

Second Adventure:

(Jarn) Magic Lantern (Destroyed)
- An enchanted lantern that would burn under any circumstances.
- Was destroyed in the fight with Hanz the Vile-touched smith.
- Contained a feather which restored Jarn from near-death.

Third Adventure:

(Building) Halftown Embassy – Oxalathiel
- Building given to the party by Kelara
- Two floors; four upstairs rooms and a common area.
- Special draw-bridge door installed by insects.

(Lark) Seed from an Oxalathiel City Tree
- Given by Kelara to Lark as he was leaving Oxalathiel.
- Matches in size and texture the one he was given by his order.

(Stored in Halftown) Lightning Stun-Rod
- Used by the Wassi-hired thugs who attacked the party.
- One working model, looted from the bandits.
- Has a handle for priming / charging.
- Use not clear – has not been tried.
- Two more were salvaged, but are broken.
- Didn’t Evie Skyhammer say something about..?

Fourth Adventure

(Jarn) Argentine Short Sword
- Left by a dead elf serving in Yrdrathiel.
- Identified by Lhaza when he saw it in the Armory.
- Given to Jarn by Al before her petrification.

(Alawynnan) Ring of Fire Protection (Currently Lost)
- Activate by saying the word “protect” in ancient elven.
- Make you immune to fire damage for 6 rounds.
- Solarian charge (Usable once per day.)
- Currently Petrified with Al.

(With Adderlynne) A Map from the War Room
- Taken by Al from the war room in the tower.
- Depicts the region surrounding Yrdrathiel in the ancient era.

(With Adderlynne) War Statuettes x2
- Taken by Al from the war room in the tower.

(Azrial) Theory Text on Magical Shielding
- Written in a complex mix of Arcanix and Ancient Elven.
- Discusses theory surrounding the use of arcane shields.
- Learning tool for Arcane Spell-caster. (Can be Attuned.)

(Azriel) An Accord with Lapatra
- Written in an ancient dialect of Sylvan.
- Will summon and compel a Lapatran Emissary to parley.
- Will only work if one is near. If not, spell may fail.
- Was given to Azriel by Cinder when she left the party.

(With Adderlynne) Confession of Treason
- Written in Ancient Elven.
- Contains a confession by a convicted criminal.
- Involved a plot to kidnap a young nobleman for ransom.
- Probably not important beyond academic value.

(With Adderlynne) Engineering Schematic
- Written in Ancient Dwarven
- Construction notes and blueprints for some kind of building.
- Adderlynne’s translation: a drill for digging into the earth.

(Azrial) The Shadowcatcher
- A glass bottle designed for capturing ethereal creatures.
- Speaking the keyword (inside lid) will trap an ethereal being.
- The being will be suspended in stasis until released.
- CURRENTLY FULL OF: Nick’s Wraith.

(Jarn) Obsidiantine Ingot (To Be Converted Soon)
- A brick-sized ingot of Obsidiantine found in the Armory.
- Material was identified by Lhaza, nervously.
- Scheduled to be turned into a sword by a smith in Longshore.

Fifth Adventure

Tournament Prizes

(Pyrrah) Blade of the Dragon’s Champion
- Elven dueling blade (use Rapier mechanics)
- Masterwork Blade: +1 to Attack & Damage rolls.
- Attunable: Level-up bonus may effect this weapon.
- Adamantine saber with a grey jewel in the cross-guard.
- Bears an inscription gifting the blade to Shoryu’s personal champion.
- “This sword I give to my Champion, that they may wield it in my name.”

(Lark) Storm Javelin
- Normal Javelin mechanics available.
- Magic Ranged Attack (MRA) uses WIS
- MRA in passing: 4d6 Lightning (Dex @ 13 to half)
- MRA Target: D6 Pierce, 4d6 Lightning (Con @ 13 to half)
- Entrusted to Lark by Hulg Coldhands
- Enchanted weapon that strikes like a bolt of lightening.
- Must be retrieved after each use.

(Jarn) Ring of Light’s Speed
- Reaction: Speak Word to pass a Dex Save (before rolling).
- Max Charges: 3 ( Solarian Charge)
- Attunable: Level-up bonus may effect this weapon.
- Enchanted silvery ring, blessed by Holy Light Magic.
- Relic from the Great War.
- Allows the wearer to move with un-natural speed.
- Only allows fast-dodging at this point (attunable).

(Azriel) Shaman’s Sacred Staff
- Use Quarterstaff combat mechanics.
- Can be used as a Magic Focus.
- Max Slot Storage: Level 1 (x1), Level 2 (x0), Level 3 (x0)
- Attunable: Level-up bonus may effect this weapon.
- A legacy from the life of Shaman Muz.
- Allows the user to store magic in it for later use.
- Has a place where an Amulet Stone can be inset.

(Azriel) Cloak of the Manta
- Bonus Action: Activate the cloak’s powers until removed.
- (Active) Passive power: Wearer can breath under water.
- (Active) Bonus action: walk speed = swim speed this turn.
- A masterwork cloak with horns on the hood.
- Pull the hood down over the face to activate.

(Percival) Dark Dowsing Wand
- Bonus Action: use “seek” to ready the Wand to search.
- Standard Action: use a command word to dowse.
- Command Words: “Liars”, “Lurkers”, “Passage” or “Chambers”
- Max Charges: 3 ( Inlustrian Charge)
- Dowsing wand given by Shaman Helja Deepshadows.


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