Mission History

Synopsis of Mission 1: The Whiphead Hunt
- Journeyed to Sandy Cove
- Hunted for the Whiphead
- Found The Lost Shrine
- Found the Hidden Laboratory of Legaro Soveliss
- Found the vault with the 5 Cases.

Synopsis of Mission 2: The Road to Candlebright
- Journeyed towards Candlebright (via Cedarhaven)
- Got into a fight with some wild boars.
- Met Lysandra, and were warned away from Candlebright.
- Evacuated Candlebright before the Leviathan destroyed it.
- Duncan offered himself to Lysandra, and was infected.
- Attacked by the wargs, and accidentally aided the Hellhound.
- Returned to Cedearhaven with the injured.
- Hunted the infected, killing the smith and detaining Pella.
- Duncan’s infection was revealed to the party.

Synopsis of Mission 3: The City of the Hive Queen
- Chartered a boat past Estoch, looking for a place to land.
- Tried to row in, but ended up washed up.
- Attacked by Wolfbloods, then encountered giant insects.
- Brought to Oxalathiel, where they met Kelara, the Swarm Queen.
- Stayed in Oxalathiel for several days.
- Helped Kelara fight off an attack by the Wolfbloods.
- Met the giant Graile, and learned about the Wolfbloods.
- Ambushed on the Road back to Halftown by Wassi agents.

The Interlude in Halftown: The Splinter in the Dark Hand
- Cattua Windgrace arrives in Halftown.
- Azrial tipped off about the Hidden Shrine to Lapatra.
- Discovery of the Dark Hand and the Splinter Group.
- Party joins the Splinter Group.
- The Silver Circle Experiment at Austur’s Laboratory.
- The Incident in the Dream of Al’s home town.

Synopsis of Mission 4: The Crypt of the Firebird
- Party sailed southwest with Gregor, to a secluded cove.
- Discovered a cave with nesting Grick monsters.
- Discovered the lava-covered ruins of Yrdrathiel.
- Found and explored the buried palace.
- Opened & packed up some dangerous scrolls.
- Found an infant purple Insectoid.
- Found & released Lhaza the Wind Spirit.
- Found a patrol that led them back to the Crypt
- Met ‘Felix’, the avatar of the Firebird.
- Cinder’s bug became a catbirdbug, and she retired for now.

Synopsis of Mission 5: Making Ready for the Leviathan

Mission 5A: The Gambleright Incident
- Went to investigate a curfew in Gambleright.
- Discovered a Wraith attacking town guards.
- Experimented with the Crystal Prisms from Case 4.
- Captured Nick’s Wraith in the Shadow Catcher.
- Pella and Duncan killed by the Holy Flame.

Mission 5B: The Tournament in Roshnash
- After Adderlynne brings in Gurr, the party heads to Roshnash.
- Al and Lark get their soul conditions purged by Shaman Muz
- The party enters the tournament to drum up support.
- Al is petrified in round 3, and remains with Shaman Quasha.
- During the finals, Azriel loses the use of her magic.
- The party win the tournament, and the support of Roshnash.
- Percival brought a warning from the Prince.

Mission 5C: The Ambush in Nandoch
- Arrived in Nandoch, and were treated as ambassadors.
- (Ignored the warning about Hallock Grindstone )
- Met with Evie and Vivi Skyhammer.
- Made a presentation in front of the city council.
- Found out Hallock had informed Nandoch about their past.
- Chose to leave rather than stay and risk delay in custody.
- Nandoch and Halftown are now in a state of hostility.

MIssion 5D: The Cathedral in Longshore
- Arrived in Longshore, where the party met up with Neils Farseer.
- Used the Cathedral Library to research the Leviathan.
- Lark was able to eavesdrop on Hallock Grindstone in a bar.
- Commissioned an Obsidiantine Sword.
- Evaded an ambush set by Hallock on the way back to Roshnash.
- Returned to Halftown.

Mission 5E: The Countdown to Battle
- Returned to Halftown as heroes of the Arena.
- Pyrrah met Lhaza, who was hiding news about Shoryu.
- The public announcement of the Leviathan took place.
- Various locals were recruited to help fight.
- There were fallings-out with several churches in town.
- Lysandra returned just before the battle.

Synopsis of the Battle of Halftown
- Boshanai & Argh were both vital to the front line.
- Jinks paid dearly for the many, many enemies she killed.
- Gurr’s Unit killed a Ship-Eater, but took many losses.
- Nara Tallow fought a desperate battle against a King Shark.
- Willow’s prowess won her great acclaim as a legend-killer.
- Lumina called down a pillar of fire before she fell.
- In the end, the Leviathan was defeated, at great cost.

Mission 6: The Birth of the Alliance
- After the battle, Lysandra disappeared after a show of pain.
- She returned with an ultimatum from Kelara: alliance or war.

Mission History

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