Roshnash New Year Festivals

Day 1: Festival of Lapatra
- This festival takes place on the day of the full moon, and signifies the end of winter.
- Since this is the day of evaluations, it is also a day of people revealing the training they have spent the winter doing in private to get ready for the spring festivals. This is symbolic of the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly, and Lapatra is honoured on this day.

AM – Evaluations & Standings.
PM – Registration for Events Opens
EVE – The Last Moon Celebration
A formal event, where allies and enemies mingle under the moon. It is common for Teams to goad one another into revealing strategy and Bid intentions, and by the end of the night most experienced players have a good idea of the Bid order for the following day.

Day 2: Festival of Shoryu
- The first day of spring honours the Changer of Seasons, Shoryu.
- The first day of competitions, which is generally considered a day of fun and entertainment since most of the competitions at this stage are fairly tame. A family holiday.

AM – Competitions of Arts, Boasting and Athletics.
PM – Arena Round 1
EVE – Feast of Spring Welcome
A sacred festival where guests eat a light meal representing the last of the winter provisions, then fly paper lamps with wishes for the coming year. It is a joyous event.

Day 3: Festival of Garada
- This day honours the wisdom of Garada, and there is a foucs on magic competitions..
- Since Garada’s teachings deny violence, street brawling and violent disagreements are considered taboo on this day (only).

AM – Competitions of Magical Skills
AM – Tournament of Mystics
PM – Arena Round 2
EVE – Blessed Gift Ceremony
Sunset marks the beginning of the ritual of Blessed Gifting. Anyone who is blessed by one of the God Spirits must share their blessings with someone in need of their wisdom. It is said that those who give nothing or give unwisely shall earn the ire of the Fire God.

Day 4: Festival of Natakra
- The festival of the Spirit revered as the War God, today is a day for agression.
- Today’s events are often amongst the most brutal, with the Single Combat events and the first “killer” day of Arena competition.

AM – Single Combat Tournaments.
PM – Arena Round 3
EVE – Night of Cleansing Rain
As the sun sets, the Clerics of many faiths will come together to call up a gentle rain that will cover the entire city until sunrise. This is intended to be a night of silent contemplation, rest, and respectful grief for those who lost people in today’s competitions. It is said upon this night that one “must invite the great bear to rest”.

Day 5: Festival of Ahsifa
- The festival of the Wolfmother is a day for teamwork and unity.
- The focus of today is on family. Most of the major events are finished, and so families come together to feast and watch the Semi-Finals of the Arena.

AM – Competitions of Team Sports, Food & Cooking
PM – Arena Semi-Finals
EVE – Feast of the Great Wolf
This is a night of two separate but equally important celebrations. For the young and unwed, this night is about feasting. Wasting food is a sin in orcish culture, so ALL of the food cooked throughout todays competitions MUSt be eaten / finished. Some towns will even host eating contests to keep the young entertained… and too full to want to participate in the second part of the evening.
For this is the Wolf Moon, when it is said that those wishing to conceive strong children for the coming year should endeavor to do so. For wed couples this is a romantic holiday, and it is expected that they will depart the feasts at an early hour to find other satisfactions.

Day 6: Festival of Hanzoumon
- The day of victors honours the Lord of the Light.
- The Finals of the Arena are the only event today, and is attended by any adult not busy tearing down stalls, minding children or guarding the city.

AM – Festival events & stalls begin to close down.
PM – Arena Finals
EVE – Championship Ceremony
On this night, victors from the Combat Tournaments and Arena are honoured. Prizes are awarded, praise and titles are given, and Hanzoumon is given offerings by the victors in order to earn his favour for their communities in the coming year.

Roshnash New Year Festivals

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