The Kingdom of Chalice
The only Kingdom on Karador to survive the both the Cataclysm and the Vile War that followed, Chalice takes up much of the eastern tip of the continent. It is a proud nation, and it’s people are not to be trifled with.

Government: The Royal line of Chalice can trace it’s roots back distantly into history. Many people believe their line to be blessed, and they are much beloved by their people.

People from here are called: Chalian. Some use the term “Chalizi”, but some also find it derisive.

Population: By far the most diverse population on the continent, only the proximity to the sea give the Human race a notable edge in population majority. Nearly every other race is represented here equally, and though the Royal is primarily of human decent there is a significant presence of other races amongst the nobility.

What is interesting about living here:
While the nation of Chalice contains many small fishing villages and farming towns, the bulk of it’s culture is contained in three large cities. The most well-known of these is Prydwyn, which is the main trade city on the continent. Merchants from the rest of the continent as well as abroad gather here to peddle their wares and engage in negotiations. As with many trade cities it is also a city of artisans and performers, plying their crafts in hopes of attracting wealthy patrons.

The second city of note lies only a handful of miles distant from Prydwyn. The city of Sanghem might more rightly be called a fortress, and is the home and palace of the Royal line. It is a city of warriors and politicians, and is widely regarded as one of the most impregnable cities in the world. The King of Sanghem holds court here seasonally, and a sizable standing army resides within the walls.

The third city is* Lancrest*, and it serves as a buffer between the wilds to the west and the people of the kingdom. A city with a sacred duty, they periodically burn back the forest from the border to make it easier to spot dangerous dire-beasts that might encroach into Chalian territory.


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