The Ancient Homeland of the Dwarves (Dammurkang)

Once, this entire region was a single, mighty Empire. The House of Kangdaar ruled a land that stretched from the Ocean of Sun in the north to the Ocean of Ice in the south. It was a land of jagged mountains and verdant conifer forests. Wood, stone and metals were plentiful, and the craftsmen there were skilled in shaping them. The Empire grew wealthy, and they maintained a vast army to defend themselves from their neighbors.

To the west lay verdant forests and wide plains, where exiled elven lords and upstart human warlords would build kingdoms for themselves, occasionally attempting invasions or raids on the outlying Dwarven Mountainholds. This was rarely a concern, since no tiny kingdom would risk the might of the entire Dwarven Stehlgaard (the “Steel Army”, the Dwarven Heavy Infantry that was legendary across the ancient world).

What was a much larger concern was their Eastern border, a range of mountains known as the Wall of Cliffs (or the “Valdunscarpe”). This was the ancient border between the Dwarven Lands and the “primitive” Orcish Homelands. Raids by the Orcs were common, and every twenty years (like clockwork) the full might of the Orcish warhost would fall on the Dwarven border. The Dwarves built up this region to be as completely impenetrable as possible, terrified of what would happen if the Orcs ever succeeded in breaking through the legendary cliff-walls and spreading out into the countryside beyond.

The Cataclysm (especially the Sundering) was not kind of the Dwarven Lands. Many of their mountain-holds, designed to stoutly weather armies in one of the most seismically-stable lands in the world, barely survived the earthquakes and volcanoes that sprung up throughout the region, and the pulling-appart of the region opened up a new inland sea in the middle of their lands, dropping several of their ancient cities into the sea.

What remained after the war formed itself into a variety of smaller kingdoms and states, of which three stand out as larger and more powerful than the rest: Stehlundarn, Wassledarn, and the Bradenvald Protectorate. In modern times, Shallum Orcara is often included as a part of this ‘continent’ in common parlance, though the Orkish peoples that reside there generally don’t.


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