Size: Very large town / small city

The Estoch Board of Merchants, made up of the five most wealthy and successful merchant barons in town. These Include:

- Bartho Lingannon, Arms and Supply Trader. ( Wassi Human)
- Orsino Van Lywen, Textiles Dealer. (Half-Elf, Lordosian)
- Mazari Sandsifter, Arcanist. (Wassi Dwarf)
- Claytus Hifflebach, Farmer’s Union Head (Wassi Dwarf)
- Ambra Thornhold, Matron of the High Tide (Foxfolk, Twilian.)

Wassledarn, but as their furthest colony they have grown politically distant from one another.

Too big to rightly be called as town, but too factional and transitory to be rightly called a city, Estoch is, for better or worse, the largest open market on the Lost Coast.

The town itself is primarily fueled by five large businesses which draw customers from far abroad to visit Estoch in search of hard-to-find items or unique luxuries imported from abroad. Make no mistake – this is a city that lives only for trade, and which exults success in business over any other metric. Wassi dwarves and humans make up the overwhelming majority of the citizens here, and all of them either toil endlessly in service to one of the Merchant Barons, or engage endlessly in political trickery on their behalf.

This is not a town for bright-eyed young settlers, and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. This place is a hotbed of local politics and corporate espionage, on a scale that would drown most inexperienced merchants (but would also be laughed at as infantile and hopelessly petty by any serious politician from an elven capital.)

The Hexmarket
- The Estoch Market ‘square’; a six-sided open area market bordered on five of the six sides by the warehouses / emporiums of the five merchant barons. Each of their businesses focus on different goods. The rest of the market is made up of smaller merchants (many of them funded or co-owned by the larger barons) whose businesses mostly serve to undercut other baron’s primary revenues. (The sixth side of the hex is occupied by the town hall.)

The Five Great Warehouses

Lingannon Adventure & Supply Company
- Bartho Lingannon was the first true Baron of Estoch. A former mercenary company leader who turned a tidy profit during the first wave of exploration by selling low-cost adventure supply to the settlers and adventurers arriving on the Continent without the tools or weapons they needed to survive in the wilderness.
- “Lingannon’s” has become one of the largest warehouse stores on the continent for arms, adventure goods, and other staples of rural & mercenary life on the continent. The ample funds he has acquired in deals with other towns along the Lost Coast has allowed him to diversify his inventory, allowing him to carry a selection of goods “for any budget”.

Van Lywen Fine Textiles & Orsino’s Rarity and Curio Emporium
- Cloth has historically been one of the most valuable trades in any nation, and Orsino Van Lywen was a student of history in his time as a young noble in Lordosi. He brought his family’s textile goods to market in Estoch, wisely recognizing that this was a market ready to expand.
- As an amateur historian, Orsino was unique amongst the local barrons in his willingness to take objects of historical interest that the locals had scavenged from their explorations in trade for his goods. The result, after a few years of accumulation, was his second much smaller venture – the Curio shop that sells those objects he has decided not to keep for his personal collections.

The Anytime Alchemical & Arcane Laboratory
- Owned and overseen by Mazari Sandsifter, the ’A3 Lab" is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for all of your arcane or alchemical trading, buying, or consulting needs.
- The motto chiseled behind the front counter read “Because Science Never Sleeps”, which explains why the staff (including Sandsifter herself) always look a little wild-eyed despite their constant entheusiasm for their area of business.
- Lab space is available for rent in a separate nearby building out behind the Lab itself. There are heft damage deposits required, and given the nature of the clientele they are rarely refunded.

Hifflebach’s Culinary Marketplace & Flavour Emporium
- Claytus Hifflebach , himself originally a fruit farmer, wisely brought the local farmers together rather than allowing the other growing barrons to fracture the town’s food supply.
- A market within a market, the bulk of the huge warehouse space is made up of smaller stalls where local food producers sell their wares.
- Claytus is perhaps the only merchant baron in town with a genuinely good reputation. He’s tough but fair, pays his staff enough to live on, and thinks like a farmer.

The High Tide Ale & Entertainment Warehouse
- Former first-mate to one of the Scoundrel Princes of the Twilight Isles, Ambra Thornhold runs the “entertainment service industry” in Estoch. During the rush to the new world it’s whispered that she put together some venture capital as a privateer then came in and set up shop in the same manner as the existing barons, pushing her way in through a combination of savvy a literal strong-arming until she ran all of the town’s inns.
- The High Tide is same size as the other four ‘warehouses’, but it’s entirely built to be a vast hotel, tavern, and dining hall where all manner of entertainments can be enjoyed. From high-brow bards to low-brow dancing, the stage performances in the common rooms (yes, there are two, at opposite end of the building) are a constantly-changing showcase.
- If your coins are the right colour and you ask nicely, there are quite a number of unique personalized rooms available. Some come with massages, spiritual readings or unique creature comforts suited to people with unusual physiques. Others come with ‘luxuries’ people might wish to enjoy in private, such as recreational narcotics or discreet companionship. If you are looking for vice in Estoch (or anywhere on the Lost Coast, really), then the High Tide is the place you’ll want to go.

Hallock Grindstone
- Ambassador from the Estoch Board, Hallock is technically not employed by anyone on the council. But his efforts make money for all of them, so he enjoys a special place of respect with all five of the Barons.

-The party has avoided Estoch due to difficult relations with Hallock.


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