Size: Capital City

Prince Talaron, of the House of Yarrow.
- Son of the town founder (Deidrik of Yarrow).

Gallothar is a Lordosian city, with all the political complexity that typically comes along with. Most of the larger noble and provincial houses have a presence here, though some are quite bit more humble than they would be used to in the South.

Deidrik of Yarrow came from a powerful noble family, but unlike most Lordosians he held no particular love in his heart for his homeland or it’s heritage. He saw the constant backstabbing and infighting of the Lordosian courts to be futile; a desperate attempt by foolish men to rebuild something already long lost to history.

Depending on who is being asked, the Gallothar colony was either Deidrik’s personal bid for power unconstrained by the politics of the south, or his own gallant effort to free himself from the courts machinations by putting an ocean between them. Either way, the result was a massive undertaking of ships and manpower driven by a charismatic and wealthy noble house. The result stands proudly near the middle of the Lost Coast: the city of Gallothar.

The Royal Palace
- A Lordosian castle, humble in stature by comparison to those in the south, but constantly being expanded as time passes. The grounds of the palace are vast, as the founder predicted that many generations of Princes would desire to build the palace to grander and grander scale.

The Knight’s Circle
- Taking a page from Stehlundarn, Prince Deidrik chose to honour the warriors who fought most valiantly to claim the land from monsters, keep the peace, and help him build up the name of his city. Those who distinguished themselves were given a small estate on the circular street that surrounds the palace grounds, and taken into the Prince’s service as Knights. Many of these estates are modest, since only a few of those who now live in them were people of means, but more interesting is the diversity displayed here: everything from Rasharan clan banners to Orcish tribal crests. The Princes have been careful to keep the number of Lordosian Knights to a modest number, and they are outnumbered two-to-one by the other warrior houses that now swear allegiance to the Prince of Gallothar. (This also insures that the other Lordosian families with holdings here don’t get any political ideas about who is in charge.)

Kirkus of Yarrow – Gallothar Ambassador to Halftown.

- Pyrrah Wavebreaker spent much of her life living here.


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