Hyssara – The Lands of the Younger Races
(Region Co-Designed by Kevenza Murphy and M. Starhunter)

Brief History:
It is no secret that nations with a northern border were the hardest hit by the onslaught of the Vile. The Vile were less of an army than they were a force of nature, sweeping out of the old Elven capital to overwhelm and consume everything and everyone that it came across. The nations furthest north were hit hardest and (over a century of warfare) were led to the greatest ruin. These included Karkoa, the Dwarven homelands of Dammurkang, the once-mighty lands of Karador and (of course) the lands once known as the Kingdom of Hexara.

Hexara was an Elven Kingdom at the very edge of the ancient Empire, and so they had the most warning to make ready before they found the Vile upon their doorstep. The line of Hexaran Lords was as prideful as any in the ancient empire, and they stubbornly clung to every inch of land, paying dearly as they were slowly overwhelmed by the unprecedented and under-estimated power of the Vile.

By the end of the war the Vile had completely overrun Hexara, and when the push-back finally came it was one of the last bastions of Vile power that had to be broken. It was the last true front of the war, where the combined might of the allies races struggling desperately against the flagging and desperate Vile warhost. In the end, the bloodshed and Vilebloom left the country a wasteland, and the races burned it to the ground before departing back to their homelands, leaving the once proud nation to the scavengers.

Naturally, such a wide-open and unoccupied space did not remain so for long. Vast numbers of Whyr and Gruen, who had no particular “home nation” to return to, opted to settle down and rebuild. They were soon joined by small pockets of elven expatriates who were returning to re-settle lands their families had lost. (The name of the nation quickly became Hyssara in the common parlance, due to the high number of Whyr-folk who couldn’t pronounce the old elven name.)

In the modern day, Hyssara is divided into two nations along an east-west border: Rashara and Tourima.


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