(Region Designer: Stephen Golding)

Brief History:
The continent of Karador is a shambles of it’s former self. All along it’s northern coast line you can find remnants of old port towns that sported sprawling markets and beautiful works of art and architecture from many of the elder races. Within them, the careful eye could find newer battlements and the scars of war that mark this as one of the fronts during the Vile War. That conflict took it’s toll, and now they lie empty and desolate, overgrown with the jungle that has spread quickly to reclaim the ruined cities after they fell to the Vile, and then were purged by fire and lightening.

The deeper into the continent you go, the more overgrown and dense the jungle becomes, as the telltale signs of civilization fade away. Dire animals roam the jungle freely, carnivorous plants and deadly insect swarms lurk in the wetlands, and the southern cliffs are a favourite nesting spot for Drakes. Most people would call this place uninhabitable.

And yet, there are people here. Packed into a few heavily fortified cities around the island, the peoples of Karador are quite nearly as wild as their jungle home. Where most people would barely be able to eke our survival, the three small nations of Karador survive and thrive on the bounty offered by their ferocious home.

Karador is made up of three nations: The Kingdom of Chalice, The Forest City of Minameith, and the region known as the Fingers of Karahaz.


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