(Region Designer: Cole Daley)

Brief History:
Prior to the Cataclysm, it is said that this land was once the great singular trading center of the human nations. Built on the principles of democracy and free market capitalism, this land was ruled for many years by elected officials and the council of Lordosi. It was the hub of trade in the ancient world; a place where the over-land trade routes with the Dwarven Empire in the west and the Elven Nations in the north met the shipping ports to the vast Eastern continent. The wealth of the grand markets in the capital city of Pyha Maa were said to rival the treasuries of the Dwarven Emperor, and the beauty and grace of it’s paved streets and soaring towers were said to be equal to even the elven citadels of old.

But as with all great nations build upon the love of currency, there was discord in the heart of the nation. Though the elected Lords of the Lordosi Council wielded vast political influence, many hungered for more power than an elected office could offer them. So it was that several of the Lords were invited as sponsors to the ancient Conclave that unleashed the Cataclysm.

In the wake of the Cataclysm, Lordosi lay in ruins. The capital and much of the coast line had been swallowed up by massive tidal waves during the Sundering, and the trade routes that had long been the lifeblood or Lordosi were shattered along with their vast navy. It was then that the remaining Lords fell to avarice and self-interest, using their amassed wealth and connections to carve up the nation into small, private kingdoms. The Vile War and the many smaller conflicts that followed served to cement the once great nation into a handful of smaller rivaling nations known as the Lordosian Provinces.

Each of the Provinces is ruled by a Prince (or Princess) who descends from the line of its founding Lord. Many are advised by a council of appointed representatives (or an elected council, in some of the more traditionalist factions).

People from here are called:
Regardless of provincial background, all people from here refer to themselves as Lordosian
(Lor-DO-shun or Lor-DO-zee-un are both accepted pronunciations.)

The populations (and the nobility) of these Provinces are predominantly human, though the influence of the many High Elves that escaped here during the Vile War can be seen everywhere. Most other races have some presence in one or all of the provinces, though Orc have less than most due to some lingering cultural stigmatization.

What is interesting about this place:
Each Province believes in it’s manifest destiny – that it will one day return Lordosi to the height of it’s glory by reuniting the homeland under its own banner. And so each Province is in a constant arms race against the others, both for prestige and in pursuit of genuine advantage. The competition for trade and business traffic is a constant tug-of-war between the Provinces, continuing Lordosi’s legacy as a land for entrepreneurs and merchants. The influence of the High Elves (as well as good old human curiosity and ingenuity) has seen the resurrection of grand Academies, where the most promising youth can be educated as generals, philosophers and mages. Military arts, engineering and magical research all continue to thrive in the Provinces.

The constant rivalry between nations has led to sizable standing armies in each nation, and the soldiers there are well trained in a variety of warfare techniques best suited to their home terrains. This ranges from guerrilla tactics in the mountain regions to cavalry expertise in the flat plains. Warriors from the Provinces are encouraged to be diverse in their expertise, both on and off the field. For those not in business, pursuit of a military career is seen as the next-best path to advancement.

What is good about living here:
Fair law and, if you are a member of the noble or ruling families, you can experience great wealth and a luxurious life. Constant influx of trade and business means a burgeoning middle class the likes of which is rarely seen in other nations.

What sucks about living here:
Sever wealth disparity between common people and the noble/ruling families. Constant border conflict and military posturing make life difficult for the lower classes, who are often displaced or caught in the middle.

  • What are people from here coming to the Lost Continent:*
    Many come seeking to escape the constant fighting of their home land and to seek a new life for themselves and their descendants. A few remain loyal to their home country though, and may be seeking a means to seize power for one of the ruling families there. A powerful magic or a newly re-discovered technology could tip the balance of power in that region dramatically.


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