The Nation of Minameith – Land of the Sacred Tree

Government: Minameith is ruled by the Dryads, a powerful cadre of Gruen Clerics (all female), who serve as leaders and spiritual guides to those who dwell within their sacred wall.

People from here are: Meithian

Population: Split close to evenly between Gruen and Whyr (mostly Furfolk), with a small percentage of Wood Elves. Orcish Shamans sometimes lead pilgrimages here, and it is not uncommon for some of their acolytes to remain behind, either to hone their skills or because they find life here to be an exciting challenge.

What is interesting about this place:
This enclave springs from the ancient stump of a massive sacred tree that stretches several kilometres in diameter. It is spoken about in legends that claim an Elven Mage King once grew a wooden city here from a single blessed acorn. The core of the stump has completely eroded away and has left behind an iron-like bark casing surrounding an artisan spring. Over the years, the natural basin has filled completely with water. Streams run freely from the sides of the stump and feed tendrils of water that reach far out into the forest.

Located as it is in the middle of the deepest jungles, the enclave only remains due to the fact that the Dyrads have used their magic to coax a natural barricade out of the local flora around it. Trees, vines and underbrush combine to create a natural bulwark surrounding the whole city that is fostered and maintained by the magic of the Dryads. There’s also a group of the most tenacious and steadfast warriors called the Order of the Ironbark that guard the barricade and city gates. Being inducted into their order is considered to be one of the greatest honors that can be bestowed in Minameith, and its members are all highly regarded by any who know their banner.

The industry of Minameith is as split as it’s population. Most of the Gruen here are produce farmers, raising fruits and vegetables that are the envy of many larger nations. Despite the limited supply (or perhaps because of it) this produce is one of the leading exports from Minameith, and encompasses nearly all of the tiny nation’s financial income. The rest comes from the export of furs, bone-ivory and other animal products brought in by the Whyr hunting parties that scout and scavenge in the region around the city.

Ignoring the obvious dangers (if such a thing can be done), life here isn’t so bad. At least, for now. But the Dryads know that while there is yet a glimmer of life in the sturdy bark of the ancient tree, that glimmer fades a little further with each passing year, and they do not know what will happen when it disappears.

Why are people from Karador traveling to the Forgotten Continent:
The first reason is the most obvious – that despite the Forgotten Continent’s reputation for being dangerous, most Karadorians are of the opinion that it cannot possibly be any worse than it is where they already live. This is especially true of Chalian farmers and hunters, who are eager for a change of scenery.

For the people of Minameith, journeying to the land that was believed to be the birthplace of their sacred tree is seen as a worthy endeavor, and many such pilgrims can be seen arriving in the re-discovered lands.
As for the Karahazi, they’re doing what the always to – going where the business is. With so few Old-Country Dwarven masters making the journey, Karahazi smiths (and their representatives) are finally on a more equal footing when trying to earn business and build reputation at an international marketplace.


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