Rashara- The Land of First Light

Location: Eastern Hyssara

Government: Republic of Esteemed Houses. “Esteemed” Houses are mostly descended from the Generals of Old whose armies once warred for these lands, though a smaller number have managed to distinguish themselves in their conduct adequately to be invited to join. (So too have a small number of houses been disbanded and cast out of the Senate for dishonorable conduct.)

People from here are called: Rasharan

Population: Unlike many other nations, Whyr and Whyr-blooded people make up the majority here. Furfolk are especially well-represented, and people of Furfolk Decent make up fully half of the Esteemed Houses. This is perhaps also the only nation where Elves and Orcs are in somewhat balanced proportions. Many orc stayed at the end of the War, just as many elves returned. Humans and dwarves are represented, but in lower overall numbers.

What is interesting about living here:
Rashara is a nation founded by warriors, and that soldier mentality is reflected in many of the stratifications of its society. Members of the Esteemed Houses, especially those that hold positions of rank, are expected to train as Knights in order to better defend the common people under their protection.

Raiding and international skirmishes with other nearby powers (particularly Lordosi and the Twilight Isles) have kept the culture of warfare strong in Rashara. However, unlike other nations (like Lordosi or Quonar), Rasharan Knights are not expected to be particularly diverse in their training. In their youth, they are encouraged to learn the basics of a variety of weapons, but when they reach adulthood they are expected to take up a “Study”; basically, to choose a method or weapons of combat, and work to master it absolutely.

To the Rasharan, the study of warfare is as much an art as it is a skill. Warriors are encouraged not only to study from masters, but to also to develop their own mastery – their own “style”. Many of the noble houses have lineages of weapon techniques that are passed down through the family schools, and any member of a house that has risen to great Eminence has probably also contributed a form or a method to that family style. Nearly all disputes between houses are settled by personal duels between its members, rather than by open warfare.

What is good about living here:
People from here are polite, respectful, and forthright. Personal honour and chivalric ideals are cherished here, and form the backbone of all social interactions. While the difference between an Esteemed house and a lower house can be financially significant, the relationship between them is almost always built on respect – the Lords respect those who feed and cloth them, and repay that debt through protection in times of strife. Widespread conflict is extremely rare, due to the prevalence of duels.

What Sucks about living here:
As in any Nation with a significant elven population, politics here can become quite vicious and codes of conduct can be somewhat impenetrable to outsiders. While Rasharans are generally polite and forthright, being rude to them will almost certainly end with blood being spilled. In matters of personal honour, Rasharans do not play around.

Why are people from here coming to the Forgotten Continent:
Rasharan bodyguards are highly prized, and many new-money merchant patrons hire them as personal security. Some also enjoy the lack of borders in this new land, allowing them to meet people from many places, and study their techniques. There is also some political interest as well – they are geographically the closest ports, and would have the easiest time colonizing. Their island is very small, and to expand they would have to conquer Tourima, which is a prospect that does not appeal to the honourable warriors of Rashara.


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