Size: Capital City

- Grumpsh Niko of Roshnash (Warleader)
- Muz of Roshnash (High Shaman)

Roshnash is an independent Orcish City State, and owes no allegiance to any other state or nation. However, the two founders (Muz of Chungash and Skurl of Ashul) made sure to secure strong ties with their home City-States during the founding of their colony. This has made Roshnash a significant Orcish port-of-call on the lost continent.

One of the first-generation settlements on the Lost Continent, Roshnash has near to forty years of history, making it the second-oldest new city on the continent (behind Longshore, the eldest). It is also one of the biggest, rivalled only by Longshore and Gallothar in terms of size and population. It has a fully constructed siege wall, a sizable port, a large castle for the ruling family, and (of course) the Arena.

Roshansh was founded by two legends-in-their-own-time amongst the southern orcs, Roshnash was imagined as the perfect marriage of new and old ways. Here in this new land, the Orcs could once again expand as they had done in the ancient tribal days, without concern for politics or borders getting in their way. It was a place where the orcish traditions of honour, survival against the wild, and living in harmony with the six elements could be realized while still building a modern trade economy and peaceful ties to other nations.

That dream is still alive and well to this day in Roshnash, and the most recent New Years Festival saw teams from every major Orcish nation as well as every significant city on the Lost Continent send teams. It would not be unreasonable to suggest that Roshnash is currently stands as the most powerful colony on the continent.

The Arena of Champions
- The largest coliseum of it’s kind in the world. Seats 20,000 guests, plus box seats.
- The Under-caverns serve as holding pens for the captured Arena creatures.
- Also contains a little-known secure holding area for dangerous artifacts.

The Palace of the Grumpsh
- The only traditional orcish palisade in the northern world.
- Fully siege resistant and magically warded against infiltration.

Niko, Grumpsh of Roshnash (F, Orc)
- Warleader of the City. Garadan Monastic Warrior.
- Physically strong, but intelligent and well-spoken.
- Daughter of Muz (the High Shaman), Cousin of Prince Gurr.

Muz, Shaman of Fire (M, Orc, Elderly)
- High Shaman (spiritual leader) of Roshnash.
- An arcane sage, and a mighty sorcerer in his own right.
- Proud father of Grumpsh Niko, Uncle to Prince Gurr.
- Widower (husband of the late Grumpsh, Skurl of Roshnash)

Sutha Amakyr, Shaman of Air (F, Elf/Orc, Middle-aged)
- Respected martial warrior, revered spiritual guide, and legendary troll.
- Half blood elf and orc makes her thinner but more agile than the average orc.

Quasha of Roshnash, Shaman of Earth (F, Orc, veteran)
- Master of the Roshnash Monster Squad, Lord of the Arena.
- Plain-spoken, but wise. Does not mince words, nor suffer fools.
- Has Al’s Statue for safekeeping in the Arena’s lockdown area.

Hulg Coldhands, Shaman of Water (M, Ursankynde, veteran)
- War-Cleric of Natakra in the Hybothan Tradition.
- Captain of the Roshnash City Guard.

Ranya of Ashul, Shaman of Light (F, Felinkynde (Lion), Mid 30s)
- Clerical healer and city historian.
- Reputed to be next in line to serve as High Shaman after Muz retires.

Helja Deepshadows, Shaman of Darkness (F, Dwarf, Elderly)
- Notoriously surly, as the party discovered first-hand.
- Despite being reclusive and secretive, all of the other Shamans keep her council.
- Somehow knew about the Leviathan before the party told her… (source not identified.)

- The Party Participated in the New Year Festival at Roshnash.


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