Tourima – The Land of Tranquility

Location: Western Hyssara

Government: The Six Saints, all ranking members of the independent churches of the God-Spirits within Tourima, rule the nation by council. Each agrees to serve as the representative of an individual God-Spirit, doing their best to emphasize and exhibit the ideals of that Spirit.

People from here are called: Touran.

Population: Just as the eastern nation is unusually high in Whyr, the west is unusually high in Gruen. This may perhaps be why pacifism and meditation are such common practices here. Whyr (particularly Scale and Herdfolk) and elves are also present in sizable numbers, and the human population is higher near the coastal regions. The Majority of Orcs and Dwarves find the pacifist practices of the Tourans distasteful, and tend to prefer living in the East.

What is good about living here:
Some have called Tourima a nation of temples, and there is some truth to this. Nearly every town or city in the country features some kind of shrine or temple as the center of it’s infrastructure. Most cities and towns have a patron God-Spirit, and they view nature spirits in general as being welcome participants in their everyday lives. The presence of so many Clerics and Paladins keeps the population healthy and well-protected from the dangers of the coast.

The presence of so many temples has also led to a national culture that emphasizes meditation, reflection, and the healing arts. Herbalism is common household knowledge, and healers from Tourima are regarded as being especially skilled in matters of treating disease and poison. This may also be due to the prevalence of common (and even a few rare) healing herbs that grow in this region. They are so abundant that some families can live on the farming of these products and little else.

What is best, perhaps, is the emphasis on non-violence. Tourans devoutly believe in violence as a solution of last resort, and that violence ultimately doesn’t solve anything – it merely negates one problem in favour of another. This is not to say that Tourans are pushovers – in fact, the opposite is true. Many young people, even in the peasant class, study the basics of martial arts as a means of promoting a healthy body and a disciplined mind. But it does mean that aggressive personalities and belligerent behavior are culturally unacceptable.

What is great about living here:
Life here, especially on the inland farms, can be pretty idyllic. If a simple, pastoral life is what you desire there are few better places in the world to enjoy it. People live humble lives, but they age slowly and have large families. If Monastic life if your goal, Tourima has a lot of offer regardless of your denomination or faith.

What sucks about living here:
The ascetic sensibilities of the people here make doing business difficult, and families do not have much in savings. Drought years or vicious storms (which happen infrequently but with great severity) can leave whole provinces struggling in the grip of famine. If you are an entrepreneur or a budding martial artist with a desire to test his skills, you are unlikely to remain living here for long. Former Touran citizens often joke that Tourima is a great place to be from, but a dull and stifling place to actually be.

  • Why are people from here coming to the Forgotten Continent:*
    As with Rashara, the land available to people here is limited. Many Touran young people see the move as a chance to spread their wings a bit, and escape from the cloistered simplicity of Touren life. (Mind you, many of these young people find out the hard way that life outside of Tourima is quite a bit less pleasant.)


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