The Eldricharum of Old
Long ago, Emperor Xarus (the fifth) of the United Elven Nations called the gathering of a Conclave at the ancestral home of the elves in Ellothiel. He invited the greatest and wisest minds of his age, intent on a singular goal: to search for a means of achieving Divine Power, equal to that of the God Spirits.

Instead, what they discovered was the Vile, and the Conclave was consumed by it. Only eight members of the Conclave are said to have survived their exposure, but those who did became beings of unimaginable power, whose very presence shaped the challenges of the war that was to come.

Not everything is known about the eight original Eldricharum, but the Nostenbracht have worked diligently to document everything that was known about who these beings were, what they were capable of, and whether or not they were destroyed in the War.

Xarus, the Dread Lord
- Xarus, Emperor of the Elven Lands.
- Became an emaciated figure of skin and bone, whose presence filled mortals with such primal terror that merely being within view of him could kill those who were faint of heart.
- Reported Dead. Is recorded as having been destroyed at the Last Battle of the Valdunscarpe near the end of the war by Asifan Paladins loyal to the Bradvakol.

Kaliopia, Singer of the Accursed Hymn
- Original Identity Unknown.
- AKA Kaliopia Deathsinger, Queen of the Vile
- Is reputed to have been a woman of otherworldly appearance, whose very voice could call forth the Vile into the hearts and minds of those who heard her sing. It is said that any with the Vile in their heart could not resist her every command.
- Fate Unknown.

The Yalshanaduur (The Rotting Prince)
- Orsund, Prince of Kangdaar (Son of the Last Emperor of Dammurkang)
- Shortly after the Sundering, Prince Orsund appeared at he gates to the Dwarven Capital in a state of terrible sickness. He was brought into the castle, which exposed everyone there to his curse – the very first strain of the Undead Plague.
- The Rotting Prince himself became the leader of the Undead Legion (so named because of it’s vast number) which marauded across the Dwarven Homelands throughout the war.
- Fate Unknown, though it was rumoured he was destroyed in the retaking of Stehlundarn.
(Keleara says otherwise, saying that Prince Orsand presently resides in Alkulathiel.)
- Kelara refers to him as the Prince of the Dreamers, though what exactly she meant by that isn’t clear.

Felsur, The Mad Wizard
- Archmage Felsur Quillin, Chancellor of the Lyrathan College of High Magic.
- Known in his day as an arcane scholar, the Vile Madness led Felsur to travel throughout the southern lands after the Sundering, spreading texts written in Madhand to any student who wishes to learn the ways of Vile Magic. These texts continue to come to light even to this day, left long ago in places where curious minds might encounter them.
- Reported Dead. Felsur was hunted down and killed by a cadre of his own former students before the end of the war. His remains were burned and then sealed with and arcane lock, and are kept to this day in the halls of the Hall of Darkness in the Quonari Academy of Arcane Study.

Wyndrich, the Flesh-Twister
- Wyndrich Barlokk of the Krambdreicht Arstisan’s Guild, Forgemistress of Nobriss.
- A renowned artisan throughout the dwarven lands, the legacy of her line was forever marred by the monster she became once the Vile took hold of her. She began seeing living beings as the ultimate canvas for artistic endeavor, eagerly infect people with the Vile and using Vile magics to twist their corrupted bodies into nightmarish shapes and forms, which she would then set loose in the villages nearby to cause chaos (and further infection).
- Reported Dead. It is said that she was staked out and then burned within her tower by a band of Hanzite Paladins near the middle of the war. She was the first “Eldrichar” to have been confirmed as killed during the conflict, and was a major victory for the allied forces.

The Balshulagrough (The Hungry River)
- Original Identity Unknown (officially)
- A vast river of corruption that would flow through the lands infected by the Vile, devouring everything in it’s path. It could flow uphill and would chase after people who went near it, leading scholars to believe it was itself alive.
- Fate Unknown.
Additional Notes from Kelara
- Used the name “King Bolphus” to speak of him.
- According to Kelara, King Bolphus was a glutton of a man, and his desire to consume is what drove his Gift to transform him into the form he has now.
- Kelara guessed his current biomass to be ~ 3 billion litres.
(Math: picture a lake, 1square km in size and 10ft deep.)

The Gratchenprok (The Wretched Ember)
- Original Identity Unknown, but it yet wears a burning crown suggesting it was a king.
- A 15ft tall, vaguely humanoid being whose body is constantly wreathed in a dim, otherworldly glow. It radiates a putrid heat, capable of boiling skin and searing metal at close range. Close exposure to this creature could also result in a terrible sickness of the blood, which could cause corruptions and lesions on and within the body of its victims.
- Reported Dead. It is said that the beast died when the armies of Karador forced it back to the edge of the sea, where it fell into the water and was extinguished.
- HOWEVER, the Prince revealed that this Eldrichar was captured and contained beneath a dormant Volcano in the south of the Wyvern islands. There, it has been the subject of extensive experimentation by the sect of the Dark Hand that has founded a New Conclave.

Azarketh, the Bone Drake
- Originally Identity Unknown (officially).
- Pet of Xarus, gifted by the Elder (According to Kelara’s Story)
- A mighty drake, whose body is overgrown with a bone-like carapace. It has all the physical might and weapons typical of a drake, but further augmented by the Vile. Its presence on the field turned the tide of many battles during the war.
- Fate Unknown

The New Eldricharum
Encounters with Lysandra and Kelara have informed the party that there is a new generation of Eldricharum being born / created on the Forgotten Continent. It is unknown how many such beings there are, but at very least the party has heard about the group of ‘siblings’ that make up Lysandra and Kelara’s ‘family’. While their powers do not seem to measure up to those of the First Eldricharum, they are none the less very powerful beings in their own right.

Mother – Name Unknown
Father – Name Unknown
Eldest Sister – Name Unknown (Reported estranged)
Eldest BrotherGraile, the Titan
Middle Brother – Vandemon, the Brightstar
Middle SisterKelara, the Swarm Queen
Youngest SisterLysandra, the Hollowed


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