God Spirits


The Six Elemental Gods:

Garada the Firebird (Fire)

Natakra, the Great Bear (Water/Ice)

Shoryu, the Dragon-Serpent (Wind)

Ahsifa, the Wolf Mother (Earth/Wood)

Hanzoumon, the Winged Lion (Light)

Lapatra, the Obsidian Butterfly (Darkness)

Spirits & Churches

What are the God Spirits?
There are six elements that make up all things: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Light and Darkness. These elements combined to form the world, and all things in it, and each is embodied by one of the ancient God-Spirits. For most of Mortal history, the peoples of the world worshipped these God-Spirits as benevolent guardians. Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs all revered and respected these God-Spirits, and the God-Spirits watched over them, teaching them the ways of nature and magic

In the creation myths of most faiths, the God Spirits are described as the children of Mother Nature and Father Time, set free upon the world when their celestial parents moved on to shape other worlds together. They were each born of a single primal element, given life and shape by the blood of their sires and their united will. Their purpose is balance, and through balance the preservation of the beautiful world their parents created.

How do the God Spirits interact in the World?
Once, in the ancient times before the days of the Vile, the God Spirits moved as they wished across all the lands of the world. They would hold council with their followers, and walked amongst the mortal races as the revered elders of every community.

But soon the vast world became so full of people that the God Spirits could not be everywhere, and so they imbued certain of their faithful with powerful elemental gifts, making them Emissaries. These Emissaries became the eyes, ears and mouths of their patrons, watching over their temples and guiding their followers in bringing balance to the world and respecting nature. And so it was that over time, the God-Spirits became more distant from their peoples. It was then that the jealous nature of mortals became clear, and the path towards the Cataclysm began.

The Cataclysm and the Vile War
As the races of the world began to grow wiser and gained power of in the ways of magic, they became arrogant and greedy. Thinking to surpass nature, the most powerful kings and sorcerers joined together to reach outside the world, to gain the knowledge that lies beyond the heavens and make themselves equal to the primordial God-Spirits.

What they found there did not bring them enlightenment, but madness. And in their madness, they unleashed the Cataclysm. Their magics ripped into the very fabric of the world; oceans boiled and continents shattered as the planet shuddered against the forces it struggled to contain.

And then, after the destruction, came the Vile. Monsters and abominations born from the insane minds of the Corrupted mages, unleashed upon a world already in chaos. For hundreds of years, war reigned across the lands of the world as the Peoples fought against the onslaught of the Vile.

The God-Spirits fought with them, but even Gods could only do so much in a battle across so many fronts. Magic was scarce, so much of it’s power having been in the hands of those who had unleashed this evil upon the world. Worse, the Vile corrupted all that it encountered, turning good souls to vice, wise souls to madness, and returning the dead to a mockery of life. The diminished Races could not hold.

In an effort to turn the tide, the God-Spirits called upon all things living to aid the Races in their battle to push back the Vile. Countless beings, simple but noble in nature, came forth to answer the call. The God-Spirits took these beings in hand, and gifted them with the blessings of the Mortal Races. Animals became the Whyr, beings that combined Beast and Man in a single form. Plants were transformed into the Gruen, powerful plant-like humanoids that were immune to many of the corruptions of the Vile.

These new races turned the tide against the Vile, and the Corruption was driven back. The races of the world flourished once again, and the God-Spirits were finally able to bind the Source of the Vile, sealing it away for all time.

Sadly, the final cost of this victory was yet to come, as the Races rebuilt their world in the aftermath of the Cataclysm. Old rivalries returned, people became ambitious, and the peace that had been restored once again became dotted with conflict as new kingdoms and empires were carved out from the lands that remained.

The God-Spirits looked upon this, and saw the inevitable continuation of the cycle of hubris that has unleashed the Vile in the first place. And so they exiled themselves from the world, taking with them the many secrets of magic and nature that they had once freely shared, but which the Cataclysm had obscured. But before they left, legends tell that they used their powers to secret away the lands where the Ancient Mages had first unleashed the Corruption of the Vile, hoping to keep the legacy of that power from once again falling into unworthy hands.

But even though the God-Spirits no longer walk the lands of Mortals, their influence remains. Those who choose to devote themselves to the ideals of the God-Spirits sometimes find themselves blessed with the ability to invoke minor miracles in the name of the Spirits. And so the Churches and Circles of the Ancient Faiths still survive and thrive in the modern world.

The God-Spirits in Modern Times
In the present era, the God-Spirits have not been seen in the realms of mortals for over a thousand years. Even their Emissaries, once plentiful in every land, became scarce in their contact with people. Some said this was because the races had proven themselves unworthy of divine guidance, while other say that they simply retired after the ages-long conflict to rest their own wounds and make ready for a return to the world.

The result, in either case, is that the faiths and churches of the modern world exist with very little direct guidance from their deities. While the gifts of the priesthood are still sometimes bestowed on worthy souls, there is no longer any clear unity amongst the various sects and circles of each faith. As a result, many nations in the modern era have their own denominations and churches dedicated to each of the six God-Spirits. The aspects, domains and tenets of these faiths can very wildly, yet despite this almost all can boast Clerics (and even a few Paladins) who claim to be ordained by the power to minister on behalf of the absent Spirits.

God Spirits

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