Halftown Metrics Unrest


Effects of Unrest
- If Unrest reaches 3 in any one location, there will be civil disturbances. This will cause immediate problems that the party will have to deal with, and will also raise the General Unrest by 1 until the disturbances are ended.
- Actions that bring physical or emotional harm to civilians will tend to raise Unrest in that location until restitution is made.
- If Unrest reaches 10/10, it will spark a revolution against the government.


Minor (1) General Unrest: Wassi hostilities.
- Will increase if hostilities do.
- Will go away of hostilities do.

Temporary Negative (1) Unrest: Victory Against the Leviathan
- This temporary bonus will last for six weeks, until fall begins.

Major (2) Unrest in Gambleright.
- The town is divided between the Gamblerighters and the Candlebrighters. Until someone or something unifies these two communities there will continue to be strife between them.
- The spiritual / civil leaders don’t trust the party / government. Until they do, the population at large won’t either.


- Obviously, the public announcement of the Alliance with the Swarm is going to be met with some pretty strong negative reactions from certain sectors. If handled badly, this could be a huge disaster for public morale.

- The two neighborhoods of civilian homes destroyed by the Leviathan must be rebuilt within the next six weeks, before autumn comes and the weather gets cold.

- The Port must re-open before fall (six weeks) to guarantee trade can resume. (The lighthouse must also be rebuilt if the Port is to run at peak efficiency.)

- There must be a Shrine to Natakra re-established in the city before Winter, or there will be unrest effecting a lot of local industries & trade.

- There must be a Shrine to Ahsifa re-established in Halftown before Spring, or there will be unrest effecting food production.

- The Shrine to Shoryu must be rebuilt before the New Year Festival, or there will be unrest with local artisans (not to mention the local congregation).

- The Traveling King must be repaired within a month, or there will be unrest with a very specific group of dangerous people.

Halftown Metrics Unrest

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