Lost Continent Locations

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Cities of the Southern Coast:
(Cities are Listed From West to East as they appear on the map.)

Halftown (Colony: The Wyvern Islands)
- City Locations: List of Halftown Locations
- Nearby Towns: Gambleright, Nettlebrook
- Nearby Villages: Cedarhaven, Shadows Point, Sandy Cove
- Military Bases: West Tower, High Tower, East Tower
- Nearby Findings: the Soveliss Shrine / Laboratory

Estoch (Colony: Wassledarn)

Gallothar (Colony: Lordosi)

The Bay of Radiance (Colony: Karkoa)

Roshnash (Colony: Orcish Nations of Ashul and Chungash)
- City Locations: The Roshnash Arena
- Findings: The Shrine of Vigil (Ahsifa)

Nandoch (Colony: Wassledarn)
- City Locations: Skyhammer Labs

Tilithee (Colony: Tourima)

Longshore (Colony: Hyboth)
– City Locations: The Cathedral, The Visage of Xillain

Tallship Bay (Colony: Hyboth)

The Ancient Elven Capitals
Each of these Cities was once the capital of one of the ancient eleven nations, which were later unified under the Elven Imperial Dynasty in High Ellothiel.

Alkulathiel (City of Golden Fields)
- Greatest military stronghold of the Elven Empire.
- Currently home to the Yellow Prince and the Undead Legions.
- Located in the middle of a vast desert.

Ellothiel (City of Welcome)
- Capital of the Elven Empire
- Origin of the Eldrich Conclave, and the Vile
- Currently the center of the Eldrich Church

Inzunathiel (City in the Storm’s Eye)
- Greatest sailing port of the elven fleet
- Currently home to the Balshulogrough.
- Currently inhabited by King Bolph’s cult.

Oxalathiel (City of Emerald Leaves)
- The home of the greatest elven artisans & artists.
- Currently home to Kelara and the Swarm

Uvulonthiel (City of Shimmering Crystal)
- Northern outpost of the Empire
- A popular religious retreat.
- Current state unknown.

Other Ancient Elven Cities:

Yrdrathiel (City Between Mountains)
- Re-discovered by the party while searching for Firebird.
- Related Locations: The Lost Library, the Vault, the Armory

The Strongholds of the God Spirits

Ahsifa: ???

Garada: The Crypt of the Firebird

Hanzoumon: The Palace of Thought

Lapatra: ???

Natakra: ???

Shoryu: ???

Lost Continent Locations

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