Stehlundarn – The Nation of Steel

Rulership: a Monarch of the Kangdaar line (often a Queen), advised by a Council of Lords representing the heads of the 10 Noble Houses of Stehlundarn.

People from here are called: Stehlic

Population: Each of the ten lords rules a sizable fief, and the populations of their fief tend to be 50-60% of the same race as their lord, 40-50% other mixed races. Overall, Dwarf and Orcish descent would be the highest, per capita.

What is notable about it:
The heart of Stehlundarn is the restored Stronghold of the ancient Dwarven Emperor, a massive fortress carved into the entirety of a mountain. It is a militant nation, continuing its struggle to wipe out corrupt and Vile influences that still lurk in the deepest shadows of this land. People here consider the fight against the Vile akin to a proud family tradition or a holy calling, and many of their warriors and faithful voluntarily join pilgrimages (at home and abroad) to expunge suspected sites of corruption.

This tradition stems from the ancient Act of Stehlundarn. The last living member of the House of Kangdaar was Klundhilda, the late Emperor’s youngest grand-niece. When the Vile War finally ended, she returned to the ancient capital with the last remnants of her family’s hardened House Guard intent on reclaiming the Stronghold from the entrenched Vile. To do so, she made a bold proclamation – she would grant land and title in her kingdom to any force that could take and hold one of the old Strongholds Grand Halls, no matter their race or background.

So it is that Stehlundarn became a nation of many. Bold companies of adventurers came to answer the call, along with many who had lost everything to the Vile and now sought only to continue their extermination. It took five years to take and hold the throne room, and three more to clear the last of the catacombs. In the end, Klundhila took the throne as the Queen of a new nation, and as promised she knighted the officers who had proven their loyalty.

What’s Good About Living Here?
Stehlundarn enjoys a lot of the same prestige and security that the ancient Dwarven Empire did. With rich access to resources and a sizable standing army, the populace enjoys a fairly comfortable standard of living. Most of the Noble Houses are directly descended from great leaders and heroes, and most (though not all) are wise and well-respected governors of their lands.

What sucks about living here?
Stehlundarn was a dug-in stronghold of the Vile and the Mad for a very long time, and the legacy of their influence is never far. People from here are constantly vigilant – sometimes even paranoid – about the possible presence of the Vile. It’s a very reasonable fear – objects and creatures still hide within these borders that seek to renew the spread of Vile-Corruption. For all that life here can be good, it can also become a nightmare suddenly and without warning.

Why have some of them come to the Lost Continent:
Very, very few have. But those that do have mostly been related to the Nostenbracht – the so-called Devil Hunters of Stehlundarn. They hire on with explorer groups, seeking any signs of vile influence to be found in the new world.


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