Wassledarn – The Wave Nation

Rulership: Oligarchy of Merchant Lords and Inventor Barons around whom small towns and cities have grown.

People from here are: Wassi. (Wah-Si)

Population: Majority Dwarven and Human, with strong representation from Whyr (scalefolk). High elves with a business leaning are also a common sight. Gruen labor is common, but the overall number is (as in most places) fairly few.

What makes this region interesting:
When the Cataclysm created the inland sea, it dropped several ancient cities of the dwarves into its depths in the process. After the Vile War ended, this region became a sort of scavenger’s paradise. Objects of great value would occasionally wash up, and vast fortunes were up for grabs if anyone could manage to get down there to retrieve them.

Naturally, this also attracted a large human population to the region. After a period of conflict, some of the more forward-minded amongst these parties recognized that working together would lead to better results. The humans had been a sea-going people for generations, where most dwarves were content to have never seen the sea. United in purpose, this still left one significant hurdle – the treasures they were after were hundreds and in places thousands of meters below the sea. This wasn’t a problem that holding one’s breath alone would solve, nor were magics that could allow for water-breathing easily obtained.

The result is that for the past 2000 years, Wassledarn has become one of the world’s leading technological research nations. What began as a way to construct submersible breathing devices or sea vessels has become a legacy of discovery for discovery’s sake. Many of these discoveries are considered useless by many – the development of “tindersticks” for lighting fires and the use of finely crafted lenses to see long distances was seen by many as frivolous in a world where so many people can accomplish the same results with a minimal level of magical power. But this does not deter the Wassi, who believe that one day, far in the future, their descendants will be the first to truly delve into the mysteries of the ocean’s depths.

What is good about living here:
For those that embrace creativity and learning, this land can be a paradise. Countless research companies and laboratories exist studying every imaginable field of endeavour, all funded by the finds made in the seas nearby. It is a nation where brains and hard work can revolutionize your field of interest. Great minds (and the great rivalries those minds engender) are on display everywhere.

What is bad about living here:
Wassledarn has something of a negative reputation outside it’s own borders for the eccentricity of it’s citizens. And the truth is, it’s well deserved. These are people for whom building working models of giant devices and vessels on their front lawn is normal and typical behavior… with all the accidents and false-starts you’d expect. More conservative or paranoid nations worry that some of these notions may be the results of Madness rather than scientific thought, and that so much emphasis on invention is blasphemous against the traditions of the God-Spirits.

Why have some of them come to the Lost Continent:
The Wassi economy and culture is mostly built around scavenging the nearby sea-floor for valuables. That exact same opportunity exists for hundreds of miles of coast-line in every direction on the Lost Continent.

That said, the prospect of treasure is also a draw. Many labs and research groups need major funding for goods or supplies to advance their research. Having a new land to explore for funding (or better yet, unclaimed deposits of valuable or rare resources) is a strong temptation to those who want to fund more difficult or exotic research.


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